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Thread: Purchase cost vs cost to buy

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    Purchase cost vs cost to buy

    In my Lantern Deck I have:

    Miri Riam (Beacon in the Dark) When fielded, move a character die from your Used Pile with purchase cost less than or equal to the number of different Lantern colors you control to the Field Zone at level one.

    Mera (furious Fatale) While Mera is active, your Lantern characters cost 1 less to buy if you have 3 or more active lantern colors.

    If I have them both fielded (Pink) (Red) with Jade(Green), can I move a typically 4 cost batman to the field as if he only cost 3 due to the discount from Mera, or is that discount only for purchasing? I assume the answer is no but it also kind of makes sense.


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    Purchase cost is the number printed on the top left of a card. It is a static amount that is not subject to change.

    The cost to purchase a die is the Purchase Cost plus/minus any modifiers such as the rare Mera.

    Reducing the cost to purchase a die will not change the Purchase Cost and so Miri Riam will not be able to move a Batman onto the field unless you have 4 active lantern colors.

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