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Thread: Constantine Clarification

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    Constantine Clarification

    Originally posted here. Seeing as we're All Constantine, All the Time here...

    Quote Originally Posted by Constantine Hellblazer
    While Constantine is active, before your opponent’s Clear and Draw Step, you may name a character. If that character is fielded this turn, ignore its text until end of turn and it cannot attack this turn.

    Does this ability affect copies of the named character die that are already in the field?


    I have a Constantine: Hellblazer die fielded, my opponent has one level 3 Black Widow: Tsarina die fielded and two Black Widow: Tsarina dice in his bag.

    It is the start of my opponent's turn, and I therefore name "Black Widow" before my opponent's Clear and Draw.

    My opponent draws one Black Widow: Tsarina die, as well as three sidekicks, and proceeds to Roll and Re-roll.
    After rolling and re-rolling he has a Black Widow: Tsarina die on her level 1 side, and so he proceeds to field her.

    Now, can the previously fielded level 3 Black Widow die be assigned to attack by my opponent during his Attack Step?
    And, if so, will her 'when attacks' ability trigger?

    In this case, the fielded level 3 Black Widow cannot attack and it has blank text.

    As a sidenote, your opponent may not name Sidekick for Constantine.

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    Ugh, they posted that Rules Clarification but haven't addressed either of the two I sent in... those schmucks :P

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    This is going to be really interesting, especially against teams that use Polymorph to get out their big hitters and win conditions. I can imagine so many mind games with which characters to blank out text when you know Polymorph is coming out next turn. On the other side, if you have Polymorph and your opponent Constantine'd your ideal big play, what would be your go-to back-up? Brings just another level to the game IMO

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    I love it. It can really shut down those teams that rely on multiple copies of the same character. Aka, I better pull the Constantine, and I really hope the girlfriend doesn't. (As long as one of us does though!)

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    If I'm reading the card text correctly, then the chosen character only looses their card text if they are fielded. Since Polymorph does not trigger 'when fielded' effects, then I believe you can still polymorph the character in without negative consequences.

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    Yes, this will make Polymorph even more important. Also means that this is at its best against those with "When Fielded" triggers - like Gobby. Still effective other places but need to figure out the Polymorph part of the puzzle.

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