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Thread: Character of the Week 4/15 - 4/21 - Nova

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    Character of the Week 4/15 - 4/21 - Nova

    Every week we'll have a character discussion, looking at all iterations of their cards released to that point and discuss high and low points. Then we'll give two options for next week's - vote for that one in your post as well.


    Nova was released with the Avengers vs. X-Men set (AVX). His die is 4/4, 5/6, 7/7 with a TFC of 5. Many decks featuring Nova were at WizKids Nationals 2015, including Evan's, but none saw the success that some predicted before the event. Nonetheless, Nova has been and remains a popular choice for experimenting with and is certainly seeing an upswing in his usefulness.

    Quasar - This card was used with Human Torch early on in the game as a ramp/churn option but fell out of favor with the popularity of Beast. Unlike other 5-cost characters, he has not seen a revitalization since the release of things like Blue Eyes White Dragon.

    Bucket Head - I can't speak for anyone else, but I never saw this one get much use, even back when the set was the only thing out there.

    The Human Rocket - This one has gotten a lot of discussion, as he pairs well with Slifer the Sky Dragon as well as Magic Missile. On his level three face, he can do 14 damage to the opponent before getting knocked out. The caveat: The damage must be in the attack step.


    So, which Nova is your favorite? Why? Where do they succeed and fail for you? If one is "bad," what could make it useful? What else do you want to discuss?

    Also, vote for next week's - choose between:

    1) Punisher
    2) Mind Flayer

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    The Human Rocket is my bro but I can see Quasar leading a swarm build to keep your bag from exploding with dice.
    Vote 1

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    Yeah, Quasar/Swarm could actually get tons of dice happening without needing PXG - at least if you use Kobold. I can see it. Kobold is pretty susceptible to removal though, unfortunately.

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    For sure; maybe a Human Pally on top to keep him safer? Still missing most of the puzzle but the concept seems sound.

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    Agreed. Swarm is the mechanism that I have my eye on moving forward; it's not quite there yet except in somewhat specific circumstances, and it can't quite yet stand on its own without PXG. Still extremely fun. Which has nothing to do with Nova, but who cares!

    Quasar is just a touch too expensive to be your only ramp option at this point, so something else (like Swarm) needs to get you there. Blue Eyes helps but still has you rolling too few dice on your first couple. I'll be curious to see how new things allow him to work. I don't know that you can invest in a nearly-bomb-cost character mostly for churn. Every ping I could do to Quasar for dice is a ping I could've done to Hulk to clear the board or Human Rocket to whittle away.

    I feel like Bucket Head just might as well be so many other characters in that 6 slot.

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    Yeah Bucket Head falls short in value unfortunately. I could never justify him on a team over either of the others.

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    I might be missing something. How can he do 14 before being KO'd?

    This is a great article idea, and I'm going to vote for "Mind Flayer", only because I am not familiar with it at all. I know quite a bit about the Punisher as a lot of YouTube players use him.

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    @RJ - You can ping him for 1 damage seven separate times, which would do 14 to your opponent.

    @Walsh - I could never justify him on a team over most other 5's/6's.

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    ...I never would have thought to do that. Holy man, that's insane.

    ...I love it!

    Also, I guess technically you could ping him six times to do 12 damage, but then also attack the opponent for another seven to make it 19, assuming I'm following it correctly.

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    I built a Human Rocket team when Slifer was released. It was a lot of fun to play. My son learned to play the game using that team and loved it.

    Mind Flayer for next week please.

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    The damage has to be dealt during the attack step. How would you ping him 7 times?

    Mind Flayer FTW!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Critenstein View Post
    The damage has to be dealt during the attack step. How would you ping him 7 times?

    Edit: declare attackers, then your opponent declares blockers, then use Iceman's global to load up on s, then use each to damage Nova with Slifer's global.

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    Interesting. With 2 cost 5's and a 7 cost, it would take a little while to get set up. I could see it with The Human Torch that pings and some cheap Lightning fodder. (How do you type out the symbols like that?)

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    Just put colons around the symbol name (fist, shield, bolt, mask)

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    Falcon is a must as an emergency. Having a mask character for first turn buy is sometimes problematic.

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    = :wildcard: and
    = :generic:,
    but we don't yet have a :pawn:. If someone makes one that's the same size as the others, I'll add it!

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    Falcon is also just a fun character to have. Ant-Man or Falcon. Or both. Love 'em.

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    Falcon has extra defense making him tougher to remove. It's not hard to ping Ant Man off the board.

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    I feel like Quasar needs to exist apart from PXG to really be worthwhile these days, and almost needs to be with something like Human Torch. It's hard to know where his buy comes in. Maybe turn two with BEG? As someone pointed out in the Swarm article today, a benefit of non-PXG and non-global ramp strategies is that it only helps you and not the other person. Hm.

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