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Thread: D&D Constructed Decks

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    D&D Constructed Decks

    Does anyone have any D&D constructed deck suggestions?

    I'm thinking about using SR Red Dragon, one of the Half-Dragons and Magic Missile as a base. I'll also want to include at least one Adventurer. Thoughts?

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    If you are planning to go the dragon route, my suggestion is the 4 cost Blue Dragon as well. He's really cheap, but solid stats and can bring breath weapon to bear pretty easily.

    Do you plan to play against DnD only decks or unlimited format decks? The reason I ask, Copper Dragon is great in DnD, not so much in any other format. Prismatic Spray is great in Unlimited, as it can give you a way to counter PXG, since you are obviously not bringing it yourself. Things to think about, but we could probably give you better advice on how to tailor your deck more if we knew what your competition for the deck was.

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    In this case I am looking to make a D&D only Deck to play against others with D&D only as well.

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    I'd say Kobold Swarm with Limited Wish for big Dragons, but plying vs. other D&D means adventurers are there and so Kobold Swarms are harder to pull off since they're forced to attack and have low survivability.

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    I say Elf wizard in any form is good for an adventurer. Red dragon works well with the elf. Kobolds are great for ramp when they all get knocked out, and as long as your Uncommon Kobold and opposing Adventurers are out, other adventurers can't get Xp. on their turn...the kobold is in Prep. My other favorites are Rare Umber Hulk and Uncommon Purple Worm.

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    The rare Kobold is probably the safest one to use as ramp in D&D builds, it gets +1/+1 if your opponent has a good character active and has no forced attack. I would say you could make a build like this with dragons...

    Resurrection 4
    Polymorph 3

    Kobold Paragon Humanoid 2F (4)
    Elf Wizard Lesser Harper 3B (3)
    Half-Dragon Greater Humanoid 4B (2)
    Blue Dragon Lesser Dragon 4B (3)
    Green Dragon Lesser Dragon 5F (2)
    Owlbear Lesser Beast 5F (2)
    Limited Wish Paragon Spell 5 (2)
    Red Dragon Lesser Dragon 7B (2)

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    Consider the Rare Elf Wizard, what if your opponent buys up all your Magic Missle? I do love to mess with my opponent buy buying their actions, making them consider buying them before you or that 3/4 cost character they want.
    Also if you have super rare RDG and MMG. your opponent will have tough choices, let you Kobold swarm or let you prep kobolds

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