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Thread: Article: Team Brew Switcharoo 2: Eclectic Boogaloo

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    Article: Team Brew Switcharoo 2: Eclectic Boogaloo

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    I am really enjoying this series of articles. We do "empty pockets" (commons only or commons and uncommons only) formats here quite a bit and I always have a good time. I really like the synergy of this team, especially how almost no energy is ever wasted. Leftover masks are PXG fodder, all the non mask energy in this deck can drive the Batman global, and if you haven't drawn an action die for that to help you then you turn Mystique into a beat stick. Thanks again for the brewing ideas (it's what I do for fun, thus the name).

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    Great stuff, O.N.! Selecting teams via random, random draft, random semi-constructed, etc. is great fun. My most regular opponent and I have been using all of these for variety. Also, something about full constructed doesn't appeal to us. Part of it is that we don't put much time into studying the sets and thinking about constructed teams and strategy, but we enjoy the tactical challenge of trying to make something out of whatever we're dealt, or can draft.

    I use the Transition Zone app for Android to select random teams or random draft pools. One feature that's been missing from it and other team-building apps and sites is the ability to choose cost *distribution* rather than just cost range. I.e., I'd like to be able to specify X1 number or % of cards in the 2-3 cost range, X2 in 4 cost, X3 in 5+ cost, etc. So far we just get around that by generating a random pool and drafting from it, but if any app developers are reading, please think about it.

    O.N., how about some similar team build articles specific to a single IP, such as an all-D&D build when FUS drops?

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    @Jwannabe - That's a great suggestion, and it's already on my list. I think a Global-less team would be a challenge.

    @StrangeBrew - Mystique can certainly be converted to a giant beatstick pretty quickly. I like the idea of blocking with her after using PXG to give her +4/+4 or even +6/+6 (if your ramp is ramping correctly). She becomes an extremely effective wall at that point.

    @Connor_MacLeod - You know how much I enjoy drafting, and that is the exact reason. It's really fun trying to build something from such a limited pool of cards, and doing it on the fly. I think your idea of doing an in-set or in-Universe only version of this is great. Maybe that's a thing to try shortly after Faerun Under Siege is released. One of the rules I have on the wheel is "In Universe Only", so it could even happen sooner.

    I appreciate the comments and everyone reading these posts.

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