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Thread: Article: Podcast 46: From Nationals

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    Good to hear it was a fun experience! Can't wait for DC to hit the stores, I love Marvel and DnD but new dice, strategy and keywords are so fun!

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    Listening to the podcast and have to comment on D&D Attack Wing. I picked it up two weeks ago and it is amazing. I had played a little x wing before, and this uses the same game system but is so much deeper without really being that much more complex. The OP kits for it are great too--they are scenario driven and there is a ton of strategy beyond just killing the other person (both in team creation and in playing). Also, OP prizes are DRAGONS. Finally, the game is really balanced. You can be competitive at OPs with just the starter and one or two of the character expansions--you definitely don't need to sink a ton of money into it to be competitive. DM is still my number one game, but D&D Attack Wing is definitely my number two.

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    Hey Dave,
    I wanted to let you know that they did have Star Trek Attack Wing @ Nationals. It was in the basement. There were about a dozen playing, and there was a national champion.

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