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Thread: Which Die/Card Would Play "You" in a Theme Team?

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    Which Die/Card Would Play "You" in a Theme Team?

    This one is a bit weird, but hopefully you'll like it.

    I'm sort of working on a team which will represent the people I know who play the game.

    For example, I would pick Namor for myself. Why?

    1.) He's my favourite. Hah.
    2.) He's not the best character, but he was the original. (Aka, I'm not the best DM player, but I'm the one who is getting people around here to start playing.)
    3.) He's an incredible swimmer, and I... am afraid of water.

    Yeah, that doesn't work. Let's try again.

    I have to go with Mr. Fantastic. I'm usually the person who leads my group, I'm crazy analytical, I sometimes let mini-projects take over and everything else falls by the wayside. Oh, and at 6'5" and 180 lbs I look awfully similar to the stretchy hero.

    How about you?

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    Much like yesterday, again, mine is Juggernaut. I really just do whatever I feel like with little regard for others. And man, if I had a nickel everytime I ran through a brick wall JUST LIKE JUGGERNAUT. The resemblance is uncanny.

    ....actually it's Probably Spidey. Reserved nerd with an idealistic sense of good in the world.

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    ...Maybe I will build two TRP teams. One full of what we WISH we were, and one of what we actually are.

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    Colossus Russian Bear, in Russia, game play You!

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    Standing beside Cyclops (surprise, surprise?). He's a leader, does things by the book and gets frustrated when others don't. Also...HE SHOOTS A FORCE BEAM. FROM HIS EYES. FROM. HIS. EYES.

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    I would pick Nightcrawler, for his playful nature and tendency to Jump around at random, but I'm far from being a Catholic Priest, so that might not be the best comparison.

    lately, I'd probably be closer to Recruiting Young Mutants, since I'm at home with the young'uns all day.

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    2015 Canadian and 2016 US National Champion

    Akron, OH
    Blog Entries
    I should be careful, here, but probably iron man. I've been told I'm too smart for my own good. I'm highly impulsive, pretty self absorbed, and always assume I'm right.

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