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Thread: Dice Runner: A new format

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    Dice Runner: A new format

    So I came up with a new Dice Masters format. In an homage to Netrunner it's called Dice Runner.

    Each player brings two teams, Marvel and DC, although the format can support any two properties.

    After match ups are assigned, players will do the standard d20 or action/character vs energy roll-offs.
    Whoever wins can choose between electing to go first or picking which team they will play first.
    The thinking being the a player might feel one deck is stronger and elect to give up being first player in two matches so that they can play that team twice since the format is best of three.

    Players then play three games, passing the first player and switching between properties for ever game.

    If playing three matches isn't possible because of time constraints, you can play a two match variant where players play two matches and the tie breaker is the difference in life differential in the matches. We'll be playing this variant locally.

    We'll be doing this format at our next OP with five dollar entry and pack prizes. Can't wait 😍

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