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Thread: Jan/Feb Events in San Diego, CA

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    Jan/Feb Events in San Diego, CA

    Come join us at San Diego Games & Comics for these upcoming events:

    Jan 31st at 4:00 - Affiliated teams. Choose 1-2 affiliations and make a team made up of characters with those affiliations. (You can use no affiliation as one of your choices.) $5 Entry.

    Feb 21st at 4:00 - Rainbow Draft for the new DnD set. $12 Entry.

    Please take note that San Diego Games & Comics has moved recently. The new address is 10045 Carroll Canyon Rd Suite C.
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    We average 8 or so players most events. Sometimes there are 12 or more though. Just depends on who all is available.

    We're playing every other Sunday afternoon/evening currently. Although this month with the Superbowl and Valentines Day the events are 3 weeks apart.
    It use to be Thur evenings but we found Sundays work better for everyone.

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    If you're a Facebook use we have a San Diego Dice Masters group that all the events get posted to at

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