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Thread: Loki Gemkeeper and Polymorph

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    Loki Gemkeeper and Polymorph

    Does the exchange caused by a Polymorph action die count as fielding a character? What I really want to know is whether or not Loki Gemkeeper (or the new Joker) stop the exchange.

    Polymorph reads:
    Swap a fielded character with a non-NPC character from that players used pile. Spin the character to level 1. This does not trigger "when fielded" effects.
    Loki Gemkeeper reads:
    When fielded, choose an opponent's character card, canceling all previous choices. Your opponent cannot field that character while Loki is active.

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    I don't think it would. I'd like to hear other opinions on this though.

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    Actually... Perhaps overthinking... Just because it doesn't trigger when fielded effects doesn't mean the die itself isn't fielded. Yeah that needs to be addressed.

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    Putting a character in the field and Fielding are two different things. Polymorph would allow you to circumvent gem keeper in the same way that gem keeper doesn't stop characters from returning to the field after attacking or leaving an imprisoned.

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    No, I'm sure you're right, and all that we need as evidence is the rulings surrounding Rally.

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    I posted the question to the official forum but I get less than a 50% response rate there so I'm not holding my breath.

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    Wasn't there a ruling about Teleport?

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    From the FAQ:

    Q: Does “Swap” replace the character exactly where it is, meaning if the character was blocked, they would be replaced with a character from the Used Pile or Prep Area? Does this count as fielding a new character?
    A: Yes, one die replaces the other; if it is blocked, the new character is also blocked. No, this does not count as fielding a new character.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShawnEly View Post
    Poly was ruled as not a "field" at Nats.
    Thanks for the reply, Shawn. I was rewatching some of the U.S. Nationals videos and overheard the commentator mention that. Good to know!

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