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Thread: An interesting day of games.

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    An interesting day of games.

    So our local store ran a "modern" event where we rotated out AVX and Uncanny (Yugioh was still allowed for some reason but wasn't important). At least 4 people were running variations of Guy Gardner rush. 2 people had a SR Stirge, Anger Issues, Rare Lantern Ring teams, one person was running Age of Ultron Avengers, then there was me.

    I decided to test out Justice League retaliation to see if it was viable without AVX or Uncanny in the mix. My team was as follows:

    Aquaman Rare, Wonder Woman Common (with two or more JL characters, Sidekicks take no damage from attacking or blocking) Batman retaliation, Cyborg retaliation, Zatanna (field to draw and place)

    I also ran Zombie Mag in case I needed it for issues like the Stirge teams, Black Cat: Prob Control for targeted removal, and Blue-Eyes Rare.

    I know my strategy could have been countered by removal, but here's how it went.

    Round 1) Guy Gardner, Miri Riam rush. Turn one I buy Aquaman and field a sidekick. Turn two, I buy Wonder Woman. Turn three, I field 3 sidekicks (rolled twice and got them both times :O ) and used my opponents resurrection. On my opponents turn, I ate two Guy Gardners for 8 damage. Turn 4, I field both Aquaman and Wonder Woman and my opponent could not damage me anymore. Slowly killed him by blocking with Zatannas after I got the retaliators down.

    Round 2) Guy Gardner, Kobold rush with Super Girl (Overcrusher). Same turn strategies, but I didn't get hit, so I took no damage and eventually won.

    Round 3) Guy Garnder, Mary Jane Rare. Same thing. I ended up taking first.

    I lucked out and never faced the Stirge decks, and my opponents didn't run any efficient removal due to the lack of PXG, but it was a lot of fun, and it is making me take a look at different strategies now to counter Guy Gardner.

    Let me know what you guys think.

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    Key question: did you go first or second? Did any of your GG:BR opponents have 20 damage in the attack zone on turn 3?

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    Quote Originally Posted by memmek2k View Post
    Key question: did you go first or second? Did any of your GG:BR opponents have 20 damage in the attack zone on turn 3?
    You need to use PXG to be able to do that, which is from UXM.

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