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Thread: Black Lantern Global - Do I Have to Use It?

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    Black Lantern Global - Do I Have to Use It?

    If one of the two Black Lanterns with the Global ability "Once per turn, after your reroll, if you have at least one of each energy type in your Reserve Pool, gain 1 generic energy." is in play, do I have to use it if I end up with one of each energy in my Reserve Pool?

    The scenario is this: my opponent has a rare Wasp in play. If I use a Global, I take a point of damage. I roll my dice, and end up with all four energy types. Do I automatically get the 1 generic energy and 1 damage, or do I have to choose to use the Global (even though the cost has already been satisfied and I'm not really paying it)?

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    Wasp and similar effects don't trigger unless your opponent actually uses the Global Ability. They could elect to not use the Global to gain an energy.

    -The Dice Masters Rules Team

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    Thank you. I thought this was answered, but couldn't find it.

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