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Thread: Kudos to the Champions of Casual Play

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    Kudos to the Champions of Casual Play

    I really believe the majority of Dice Masters players are casual players and don't give any thought to high level competitive events or "the meta."

    I appreciate high level competitive players. You guys are geniuses when it comes to the game and I applaud you for it. I enjoy learning from @Shadowmeld and others.

    I have enjoyed listening to reports from Regionals, Worlds, and PDC events.

    But I'm not a competitive player. I love the casual scene. Even at my FLGS, "tournaments" are super relaxed affairs. We all play to win, but nobody is thinking "meta" when we play. We are all trying to make sure everyone has fun.

    This is why I'm loving what @OddballNarwhal and @Squid7201 are doing over in the blogs section. If you haven't read their stuff, you really ought to.

    OddballNarwhal is using to create random teams, changing out a few cards, and making a playable deck using an "oddball" rule. Squid7201 is trying to build decent theme teams around affiliations.

    I love this! As a casual player, I want to build a team using the Heroic mechanic from Uncanny X-Men. I want to build a team around OP Thanos. I want to use the Batmobile from Rainbow Draft weekend on a Batman team. I want to use all the cards, especially the ones considered to be "not competitive." And yes, that means I even want to play common Vixen on a team. Why? Because I want to and I think it would be fun. And that is reason enough for me.

    So, kudos to OddballNarwhal and Squid7201 for your great articles. Keep them coming. Hope others will join with you.

    Casual players unite!

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    Thanks man! It means a lot. And I agree, I'd rather make teams with cool characters like Sandman, Captain Cold, and even Mogo, just because I like them, even though they pretty much suck. It is a lot more fun to me to make fun teams than just making the best one.

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    Some of the best games I've played have been with crazy teams that would never survive in a true competitive meta.

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    I appreciate the mention, and I'm glad you are enjoying the articles. I understand what you mean about playing a wide range of cards. I built my PDC team around the Batmobile, and it was a blast to play.

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