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Thread: Hulk: Green Goliath mirror match

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    Hulk: Green Goliath mirror match

    Few days ago, I've played a match, where me and my opponent had Hulk GG both on our turn three - he through Big Entrance and me through Polymorph.
    This situation was something entirely new for me and I had no idea what to do. What end up happening was Hulks shooting each other down and we basically waited who won't roll his Hulk (it was me). Later I realized, I could have bought all the Polymorph dice to take out his Hulk and start attacking.
    I was trying to find some information on what to do in such situation, what I've found was this article:!

    Do you have any advice or suggestions for such a situation?

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    Hey, that was MY article. Fun times. If you find yourself constantly running in to opposing Green Goliaths, try Hulk Jade Giant. It's the perfect counter. Fir in-game strategy? Not much I can say other than what is in that article. Damage the opposing Hulk enough so that when you start the chain reaction of Hulk damage, yours will be left atanding. You mentioned having Polymorph. Trying to Poly his Hulk out could be a great means of removal too.

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    Jade Giant is a good counter

    I usually run some solid way to get rid of Hulk. Millennium Puzzle is the safest bet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The0retico View Post
    Of course, but such a strategy works only one time.
    Millennium Puzzle? Since when? You cycle dice.

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