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Thread: Should DC/Marvel Sets Incorporate D&D-style Equipment Mechanic?

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    Should DC/Marvel Sets Incorporate D&D-style Equipment Mechanic?

    One think I like about the D&D sets is the option to equip a specific dice to boost their stats or add an ability to make them better. This would also allow us to incorporate D&D equipment into mixed set teams.

    We could get items like Mr. Freeze's Freeze Gun, which would have the power to freeze a die/character until your next turn during your attack based off its rarity. For Marvel there could be the Infinty Gems along with Mjolnir causing 3 damage to a die before an attack and Vibranuim Shield giving +3D when blocking or make your opponent's die take damage by rerolling it and it landing on a face die repeatedly before the attack phase. If it lands on energy or it goes into Used. And you can't target the same die twice.

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    We already have Thor's Hammer and Captain America's Shield.

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    I'm ok with D&D equipment staying with D&D. Just do more action dice.

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    I think equipment should stay in D&D. I could see iron man getting an equip style non-basic action for something like a hulk buster suit, but not many other heroes have interchangeable equipment other than the gun users.

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    Just leave it to DnD.

    I can see it in a Lord of the Rings esque set but there's not many cards that change weapons or suits. Like Stormy said

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