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Thread: Where do you start?

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    Where do you start?

    When I'm building a deck, regardless of what it is, I generally have two or three cards/types of cards that I include no matter what:

    1) Ramp/Churn (PXG is the best, Beast, Zatanna, Thousand Dragon UC, Nova) - needs no introduction. Manages our economy of resources quite well.

    2) Additional discounts (BEG, Red Dragon, Thousand Dragon Rare, Resurrection) - gives you other ways to spend energy that you otherwise couldn't. Hedges your bets when you don't get enough masks. Opens up pool of dice that are purchasable.

    3) Reliable removal (Psylocke, Millenium Puzzle, Imprisoned, Loki, Slifer, etc) - I don't care if it's through pinging or though targeted KOs, I want to get rid of my opponent's stuff. Psylocke is a great pick here but she doesn't necessarily fit everywhere. This can also be something that neutralizes cards, like Ring.

    I almost always start with one card from each of these categories no matter what I'm doing. If I change it up, I need to really justify it to myself or I make someone argue with me about it before I'll let it stick. How about you?

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    Great topic. AlannaBrave and I are going to start building a new team tonight.

    My first step will be to find the "key cards". The ones I wish to build a deck around. I'm going to try and do something with Black Panther, so I'll start with that and work my way through it.

    I'll look for some cheap cards that I can get first couple of turns if need be, and try various cards I haven't used before. I'll be forced to really expand my knowledge of cards once the other three (well, four once DCJL gets released) sets come in the mail. Cannot wait.

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    For me, it's "win condition" first. How do I want to win?

    Then, how can I get there quickly?

    Then, what characters might get in my way, and how do I stop them?

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    I always start with a card. In theme decks it tends to be a card that I feels defines the theme, in highly competitive decks it is a card whose mechanics I feel can be abused.

    Examples include the clown team I'm making for my Harley loving wife: start with Harley, decide Joker and the common Harley are the best combo. Choose the lock down Joker, decide that control and defensive stats are a good mechanical theme. Add PXG because, notice the control clowns tend to have high defense, low attack, plan for an ant man or magic box team. Toss in Saggi, Loki, Morphing Jar and Deadpool. Clown line up almost complete, needs 2-3 drop shield character for versatile turn 1. Add Constantine after deciding mystic box was more theme than ant man and Constantine more control than other BACs would provide.

    Deck is of course untested, but man does every card (but Constantine) have a maniacal grin.

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    Win condition is obviously important. I feel that I can slot in my win condition and it will work with whatever areas I said above. Now if it's draft I'm looking there first but in constructed with so many options I don't care so much. In constructed, if I don't have a means of managing my economy while disrupting my opponent's flow sometime I will never get my win condition into the spotlight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zeon20 View Post
    Theme lol. I'll look for a theme I like, then try to optimize it to be the best version it could possibly be without breaking theme too much. Not going to win me all my games, but I'm having fun most importantly lol.
    I do the same. I mostly play with my son and our matches almost always end up being Avengers or X-Men vs Villains. Although I'm working on an all women team to take on his Villains as well.

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    I for one start with a synergy that I intend to exploit then I work to build a support structure for that synergy. Sometimes the synergy is a win condition and sometimes it a control engine but I always work to make every card I add after support the initial synergy in some way. My Nova build is a very clear example of this.

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    I feel like there are elements I always include regardless of that synergy. In that way those things feel more set than my combo/bomb do.

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    I tend to agree however sometimes said synergy relates to ramp or churn in some way and could possibly invalidate those constants so I keep them in mind but I avoid building around them until I have to.

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    I don't know. I just think of an idea and expand on it until it turns into something.

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    I don't tie myself to specific cards for that early state. I just know that I want three slots to be for those functions unless/until I have a reason for them to not be. I give economy on my side and disruption for my opponent a big chunk of my thought because if I can't manage at least one of them well and the other one somewhat-ok, I probably won't win regardless of what else I've brought.

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    You know what would be fun, Dave? A TRP draft where we all build teams based on "random drawings of cards". Have one person choose all the cards, everyone else picks teams.

    That'd be a great podcast/article.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RJRETRO View Post
    You know what would be fun, Dave? A TRP draft where we all build teams based on "random drawings of cards". Have one person choose all the cards, everyone else picks teams.

    That'd be a great podcast/article.
    This set up is called a Cube in Magic. One person designs a "cube" or "box" of cards, the cards are then assorted randomly and drafted as normal. This effectively allows you to draft cards across multiple sets, exclude set specific counter cards (Drow Assassin, X-men hate, JL hate) and alter the frequency of rarity types (PXG is altered to be Rare instead of common or Green Goliath is a rare instead of a Uncommon). Then you use a DB or just some good shuffling, and distribute cards.

    In Dice masters this becomes even easier because you can build the rainbow first, 6 Dice of each character. Then you add in 3 commons, 2 uncommons and 1 rare and shuffle the cards. Then you proceed to deal 12 cards to each player, they draft them, deal 12 more, and remove dice from the rainbow for anything left over undealt. ( I would recommend only dealing 1/2-2/3 of all cards among players to increase randomness.

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    Yeah, I've never built a cube before but I've thought about learning how to make one for Dice Masters.

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    Getting back to it, I think the curve is probably the next thing for me. Looking at my 2/3 costs, my 4/5s, my 5/6s. 7+s are hard to consider sometimes though they've become more viable with some of the crazy stuff we have at our disposal now. I don't limit myself to these numbers, but again, I think you need a good reason to deviate. The win condition falls into one or more of these categories (depending on how many different characters you need for it) and then I build support around that.

    Everyone has their own process and comparing notes is how we learn!

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    I don't see myself using ANY 7+ cards tonight. I'm looking at getting a lot of energy, and mostly 2-5 characters, with maybe the odd 6 if I need to.

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    6s are great. Hulk, Venom, Jinzo, plenty of excellent, usable 6s!

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    None of which I have yet.

    Some sixes I am enjoying considering: Red Hulk (although Rulk looks great too @ 7), Hulk (I don't have Green Goliath yet, but "Jade Giant" is a mini-version that could be fun), and Thor (Odinson, capturing characters could be interesting).

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    Nothing wrong with Jade Giant. Especially if you get Polymorph in play, given that he bursts on level one.

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    I'm looking at possible replacement "emergency buys" for two fists, instead of Falcon (0/2/2, 1/3/3, 1/4/3). So far, I'm considering:

    Injection Fairy Lily [Rocket Attack] (0/1/3, 0/3/3, 1/4/4)
    Kuriboh [Yugi's Protector] (0/1/2*, 0/2/3, 1/2/4) - When this monster gets KO'd, knock out opposing sidekick.
    Nick Fury [Mr. Anger] (0/1/3, 1/2/4, 1/2/5) - When Nick Fury is active, you may field Avengers characters for free.
    Morphing Jar [All-Seeing Eye] (0/2/1, 0/2/2, 1/4/3) - When summoned, your opponent rolls a die from his prep area. If it rolls a monster face, return it to the prep area. Otherwise, put it in his used pile.

    Really enjoy the defence stats of IFL[RA] with not bad offensive stats on levels 2 and 3. An emergency buy NF[MA] would also benefit Avenger teams too just in case. MJ[ASE] and K[YP] look like fun in certain situations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave View Post
    Nothing wrong with Jade Giant. Especially if you get Polymorph in play, given that he bursts on level one.
    This may or may not be something that I've been talking about with someone today. I'm really starting to think Jade Giant has some serious advantages over Green Goliath

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    It depends on the situation. If I want to wipe things while attacking, I want Green Goliath.

    I ping him twice to KO everything vs. I ping him twice to KO two things. On burst, two pings is just about enough to get anything - but not everything - away.

    However, for Jade Giant, one ping could be great removal, like an on-demand but pricier Kwannon the Assassin. I think this one actually fits better with a more controlling build that wants to get rid of things that bother you and then sit back and do some direct damage. I like how that fits with some upcoming stuff...

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    I like how slowly, with each set that comes out, more and more cards are becoming viable. It really diversifies the way you think when building a team. Especially right now with the % of the cards coming out compared to the total amount of cards existing is higher than it will be after something like 12 sets or so.

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