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Thread: Storing cards/dice

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    Storing cards/dice

    So, I'm sitting at my gaming table with my new binder full of cards, divided into fifteen categories. AVX, UXM, D&D, YGO, DCJL, followed by Starter Set cards for each set, and then basic actions by each set. It's a nice setup, methinks.

    That being said, I'm at a loss as to what would be the best way to store the dice. I'm thinking about buying little drawer-type things, and just throw all the dice in a specific drawer, by each set. Any other suggestions? (The dice adds up really quickly. Comic store guy told me I'd take forever to fill up my 100 sheets, and I'll be way over halfway filled after all my stuff arrives.)

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    My thoughts on dice storage have evolved over that past couple months. Ask yourself:

    How many dice do you plan to keep per character?
    I originally thought I would want as many as possible. I received upwards of eight plus each from a couple of the same gravity feeds and characters that crossed the Marvel series. Just recently I decided that I only want to store four or five each, in case I lose one.

    Do you want to be mobile or static?
    I originally thought of the type of small drawer units I keep screws in my basement but that would not be easy to transport. I settled on a tackle box in order to easily transport all my dice. Again, just recently, I think it will be more common for me to transport only those cards and dice in a specific deck I intend to play.

    You already choose to put the cards in a book, which I just did. Highly recommend this above deck boxes!

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    ...I guess I could look at replacing my HeroClix characters in those. Never even crossed my mind.

    As for mobile/static... probably static, with a small container for taking dice to tournaments and such. Or, maybe a tackle box just to take everything.

    Alanna and I would like 5 per character (in case we both want four of one, plus backups.)

    Thanks for the suggestions!

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    One another board a person recommended Plano 2-3700 for storage.

    Here's his post:

    Two core sets, one of each card, plus enough dice to max out any two cards for each character. Plano 2-3700 for the dice, Plano/Jammers 5303 card storage case for the cards. I can even fit two custom cloth draw bags.

    Note that I used more dividers than came with the 2-3700, but Plano will send more to you for free if you use the online Contact Us form. In my case I had bought a 4-pack and borrowed from other ones, but I did order some so that the others are useful again.

    Also note that there are a lot of "Plano 3700"s out there, I think the 2- in front is key. At the very least you should be able to look at pictures to get an idea on how many compartments you can build.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I have my cards sleeved and organized in the kind of long boxes you use for storing sports cards, then a divider, then the dice are placed in small bags sorted by character. Each set gets its own labeled box which makes finding stuff easy.

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    I'm grabbing a collector's box just to try it out, perhaps I'll keep "frequent flyers" in there, or at least use it to transport multiple teams at once. Plus, dem pearlescent sidekicks!

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    Have you guys seen the wood craft box that Andrew of Dice Anon made? If not, you should check it out.

    Since I first saw it, I thought it looked really nice and had a classy feel to it. I happened to be in my local Michaels on the weekend again as the wife wanted to pick up something…so I checked over in the wood projects section and I found the same box Andrew had used as his starting point! So I bought one and plan on starting my own project in a few days.

    I’m going to try a few different things with it too…I’m going to try to burn the DM set logo into the top, and perhaps stain my wood a darker colour before gluing. I also thought of including a little felt pocket on the underside of the lid, to perhaps store a few cards or a rule book or something.

    I’m far from a handy guy, so this may not turn out well…but I’m going to give it a shot. Wish me luck!

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    I want to see how it works out for you! Those boxes look excellent.

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    Cool...I'll post pics once I'm done.

    I have a UXM collector's box but I've never been happy with it. WK could have done so much more with that offering, and provided something really interesting for dice storage, but instead they just slightly modified what they'd already done for Quarriors and slapped Dice Masters artwork on the box. Oh well...maybe if the game keeps growing they'll design something official that will be functional and sleek looking at the same time.

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    Those $25 collector boxes are great to keep them organized by set with their cards with them. I keep all my action cards in a binder though, for easy browsing.

    For tourney days though, I use my old Warcraft CCG deck boxes. They are amazing for this. One nice box you can keep dice in one side, cards in the other, and a rolled up dice bag fits in between. You have to carry your mat separate unless you fold a piece of paper, but it is nice. You can even print out your favorite art and stuff it in the cover for a custom look!

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    Chessex makes a counter tray that fits Dice Masters dice perfectly, and it's pretty cheap. I like it better than Plano boxes for dice; the bottoms are angled, making it easier to get out the dice.

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