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Thread: TRP Voice Chat?

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    TRP Voice Chat?

    I'm wondering -- will there be a voice chat setup for people who want to chat some DM? Not only about the game, but also get to know some of you folks a bit better.

    Any interest?

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    I think a Google hangouts group chat while we all watch two people play a game could be a blast.

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    I agree 100%. I'm hoping to play some folks on Hangout this weekend, or at least watch some games. Maybe even study some nationals games as well. I'm down for it if any of you are. Just let me know.

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    Perfect. In order to not confuse my phone, my Google Hangout account for DM will be Add me, and I'll add you back.

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    We probably will have a text chat soonish. As for voice chat, not that I'm aware of, at least until I'm ready to unveil a secret project that even the other TRP admins aren't aware of yet.

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    Awesome. Sounds great!

    EDIT: Just talked with Shadowmeld for well over an hour, and built a new team from scratch that focuses on one of my favourite characters that I never gave a legitimate chance to. Lots of fun! Hopefully we can get more people on Hangouts this weekend.

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    Alanna is going to try and make her first deck tonight. Maybe we can get some Dice Masters chat going on Hangouts?

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