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    Limited wish is extremely fun! I keep building teams around it even knowing the randomness can come back and bite me.

    As a slight correction, unless I am figuring it wrong (I might be) the chances of getting the action dice rolled into a wish is 75/25% because of the reroll step. This bring the whole operation to a whopping 37.5% of success on any given turn. Not the best chance, but still really awesome when it goes off.

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    I've been playing a similar team and can attest to how fun this is to pull off!

    Instead of Thousand Dragon I've been using Red Dragon for the same global with 1 damage to the opponent. He's not hard to purchase or wish for and his breath weapon will clear a path for the Phoenix Force to get through.

    I had Cyclops but eventually cut him because Polymorph gives me the same effect and it's more versatile. It's global also works great to spin down the cheap characters I've fielded to spin up my Phoenix Force (or other character) die that was put in play at level 1 using Polymorph/Cyclops.

    Until I saw Dave mention using a Kobold Swarm for energy I hadn't tried that. The swarm energy pretty much makes the inconsistent, unreliable Limited Wish obsolete. Once I added Kobold to my team I swapped out Doomcaliber Knight: Fiendish Fighter for Human Paladin: Lesser Emerald Enclave to protect my Kobold in play and keep the swarm going.

    I have a feeling I'll be dropping the Limit Wish soon and replacing it with something else beefy that I can spend all the energy on, like Purple Worm: Greater Beast or Spider-Man: The Amazing.

    However you decide to build this it's a lot of fun to play with. Try it out and enjoy!

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    Cyclops is on-demand, whereas you need Polymorph to come up. There's already some variance and I like having an element that I can control. Between your swarming Kobolds and Widow, you WILL have plenty of fist energy to go around. However, I agree that Poly works well for exactly what you say about spinning - it saved my bacon in a game where Cyclops "If Looks Could Kill" got out. Changed it from "I'm dead because everything is KO'd and you can swing" to "Phoenix lives and you can do just 3 total damage to me." I won the next turn. For that trick alone I could see slotting it in place of Resurrection.

    I like Limited Wish because it gives you options, but you do get so much energy that it's not always necessary. I feel like it makes the team more fun though!

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    Good use of limited wish. Glad to see some teams used the others sets for more than just the globals. I think the swarm mechanic is very cool. I'll have to try this team sometime. Always wanted a good way to get phoenix force out.

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    Ok this is one of the most original teams I have seen.
    Thank You for the article Dave.

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