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Thread: Toning down for a new player environment

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    Toning down for a new player environment

    Hey I just wanted to get everyone's opinion on playing down in an environment where there are more new players and casual players. At my LGS, there are four casual players, and four new players to the game. I am the only competitive player in the area at the moment, should I not bring a competitive deck to constructed tournaments in this case?

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    Bring a fun deck with cards you wouldn't normally use. Something that can be competitive, but won't completely crush everybody. (Unless there are some sweet prizes!)

    You want these people to stick around and have fun. That's what I would do.

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    That's what I've been doing, I just itch to bring my best deck, I was going to bring a Jinzo deck this week but I have a feeling that won't make any friends lol.

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    ...well, there is something to be said about teaming up to take on the big villain. Maybe you can bring everyone ELSE together.

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    I struggle with this too. When I play, I want to play well. I'm trying to get something built around here so that I can play more with live people. So do I scale back and play something that frustrates me due to poor construction/lack of efficiency in the hopes that I keep them on the hook? That's not so fun for me. Do I not play as they learn? But then I'm not playing, and that was part of the point anyway.

    Sometimes it feels lose/lose to me. Patience is probably key, but I don't know when the "safe" time is to jump in. The other major early adopter in my area who I've played live more than anyone short of my wife doesn't beat me a whole lot but he's a good guy and keeps learning and coming back for more. We play because of the conversation and the fun of the game and learning to play better and don't particularly care about win/loss. Not everyone can deal with that.

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    My suggestion is to use the starters to teach. Let the new player pick their 4 characters and you are stuck with the 4 left over.

    Once you get past that stage, encourage them to buy a gravity feed or at the very least 24 packs. With a feed you can "limited" 12 packs each, and then do a four player draft. All of this would be for fun, and so that the player gets exposure to a wide array of cards, all while building their collection.

    After opening their whole feed they should have enough set variety that you can bring a set based constructed deck against them, and after you guys get tired of that match up, go unlimited on their butt, and don't feel guilty about it.
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    You can be a scary dude, SM. "After that... Kill them without hesitating... DESTROY THEM...!"

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    The only way they can learn to be their own Dice MASTER is if you show them what it takes to be a master.

    But, in my defense, I only recommended going to your unlimited deck AFTER having played 6 + games against them to show them the ropes.

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    The problem I have is I feel like since it's a tournament there shouldn't be any reason to hold back, but at the same time if I just destroy them I don't want to discourage them and make them never want to come back. Today we didn't end up having an event (3 people showed up including myself), and I switched out Jinzo and Venom for the Uncommon Thousand Dragon and the Super Rare Wolverine. I figured that would be more fair and we played some casual games there anyway and it wasn't too bad for them. I didn't lose still but at least they felt better about playing than if I did a Jinzo lockdown on a set of newer players just starting to learn about Professor X.

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    I always bring a second team built entirely from Dups with me for playing newbies and whatnot. Sometimes they work out to be so fun I play them for actually events too. I discovered a neat little thing the X-men can do right now that way...

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