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Thread: Eric Lang Admits Netdecking From The Reserve Pool

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    Eric Lang Admits Netdecking From The Reserve Pool

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I am pretty sure this is the highest compliment one can get.

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    Interview with Eric Lang at

    At about 1:02:50, Lang says that he wanted to play Tom with a YGO & D&D only team that he had "net decked". In my OP, I put a screen grab of a FB conversation where it was determined that he was referring to your dragon team, which is pretty much the only net deckable team that meets the description.

    Sorry, I often make comments with way too little context that leave people guessing...

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    Wow... That is incredibly flattering. That dragon team isn't perfect, and a little too slow to be truly competetive... but it's a FUN team. And one I'm kinda proud of. Dang, that's cool to hear if it is in fact my team.

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