View Poll Results: Stack one, Pick one. What's yours? Character descriptions below in post.Katana - Tats

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  • Katana - Tatsu Yamashiro

    2 12.50%
  • Lex Luthor - Power Suit

    1 6.25%
  • Robin - Boy Wonder

    1 6.25%
  • Green Arrow - Former Mayor

    1 6.25%
  • Constantine - Antihero

    1 6.25%
  • Deadman - Possessive Talents

    0 0%
  • Aquaman - King of Atlantis

    1 6.25%
  • Hawkman - World's Fiercest Attacker

    6 37.50%
  • Black Manta - Artificial Gills

    0 0%
  • Catwoman - Nine Lives

    3 18.75%
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Thread: Make the Pick #2 - DC Justice League

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    Make the Pick #2 - DC Justice League

    Pick again! Once again, I left two out. In order to save room up top, we're going to keep images in this part of the post in the future. In addition, since this is not 100% in our data base, you'll have to rely on text. Here we go! As usual, I've left out two that are likely duds. If you prefer to vote for one of those and tell me why I'm wrong, leave a comment! Explain your pick one way or the other!

    BONUS - Tell us which from this pack you would be happy to see wheel (come back to you from all the way around the table), why it would wheel, and how it fits with what your draft might be. Requires some visualization!

    Omitted from Above:

    Booster Gold - Michael Jon Carter - 3M, TFC 3 - Booster Gold cannot attack if a Villain is active.

    Hawkman - Thanagarian - 4B, TFC 2 - Hawkman cannot be blocked by or characters.

    The Ones you can Vote For:

    Katana - Tatsu Yamashiro - 2S, TFC 3 - No Ability.

    Lex Luthor - Power Suit - 4S, TFC 2 - While Lex Luthor is active, your opponent must pay 2 to use basic action dice.

    Robin - Boy Wonder - 3S, TFC 3 - While Batman (TM)is ctive, each of your Robin dice gets +3/+3.

    Green Arrow - Former Mayor - 4B, TFC 4 - When Green Arrow is fielded, deal damage equal to twice Green Arrow’s level to target character.

    Constantine - Antihero - 2S, TFC

    Deadman - Possessive Talents - 5S, TFC4 - When fielded, choose a character. That character cannot attack or block until Deadman is no longer active.

    Aquaman - King of Atlantas - 3S, TFC 1 - While Aquamn is active, other Justice League characters get +1/+1.

    Hawkman - World's Fiercest Attacker - 3B, TFC 2 - When blocked, Hawkman deals 1 damage to an opposing player.

    Black Manta - Artificial Gills - 3F, TFC 3 - Black Manta gets +1A and +1D for each other active Villain.

    Catwoman - Nine Lives - 4F, TFC 3 - When fielded, name a character die. Draw a die from your opponent’s bag, if it is the named die, you may field it this turn and attack with it. If you do, put it into your opponent’s Used Pile at end of turn. Return any unnamed dice to your opponent’s bag.

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    I'd have to take Catwoman due to the fact she is a SR. For team building purposes, I really like Black Manta/Aquaman depending on what kind of team I'd be building.

    I'd be hoping for something like Constantine/Hawkman/Green Arrow/Lex Luther coming back somehow.

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    I'm going to take Catwoman Nine Lives because she's a super rare.

    If she wasn't a super rare, than I'd have to pick between Hawkman and Aquaman. Both have are pretty cheap to purchase/field. I would probably go with Hawkman for my first pick because of his ability to deal damage if blocked. I would hope Aquaman makes it around for a second pick.

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    I just don't see why Catwoman. This Catwoman doesn't help you win.

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    Only for the sole purpose of collecting. If I'm trying to win, I'd strongly consider BM.

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    Man... that's a sucky draft. I'd take Catwoman, because I want her for my collection and I think she has some good potential in constructed. But for the sake of the draft... I might just go with the Black Manta. Villains are one of the 3 draftable teams we've seen so far, so you have a deent chance of going against a team that will buff him. The uncommon Black Manta is great with Retaliate... so if you see him later in the draft (dunno why anyone would pass on him) you already have the extra dice for him. Katana/Constantine are both strong options. In a draft, there's something to be said for having a cheap 2 cost. Especially Katana with her 3/3/4 attack values. I might go Aquaman if i see TONS of Justice League character dice on the table.

    As much as it pains me to say this, i think i'd go Katana. She will fit with just about any strategy you go with, because any teams needs a cheap early buy. Or a "crap, i have nothing to spend this energy on" mid game buy. Sigh... common Katana it is.

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    I feel UC Hawkman given the power of bolts and the fact that Firestorm is a common is a good slot. Aquaman given that he's cheap and ALL his stuff goes to help JL. Or Robin because Batman Family stuff. I'd be tempted on Manta, but I don't know that I see the Manta that I really want, and I'm not sure that it's worth going Villains if I don't see it.

    We'll have to determine what other archetypes are likely and good in-set. At this early point, I'm going JL, Bolt, or Villain. Hawkman gets me in bolts, Aquaman gets me in JL.

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    I too would Pick the SR, for collection, but if that wasn't a consideration, Katana. When he comes back around I'd pick up Deadman, for his single target control. Also, Katan is shields to help fund the Deadman purchase.

    Actually, looking him over, Deadman - Possessive Talents is a really GREAT card for control in any format. 5 cost is average for most control walls, and while a TFC of 5 is more than most, it is more than made up for by his ability to lock down a whole CARD worth of dice from attacking OR defending. He distracts and relents up to 4 dice for the duration of his active. That's huge. Sure Gem-Keeper/Joker prevents your opponent from fielding, but that means they can keep rolling those dice as Energy. Deadman allows your opponent to field those dice, and just watch them sit there doing nothing. What's more, If you roll multiple Deadman, each one of them can name a different character when they are fielded. The question then becomes if all of those characters stay "possessed" if even one Deadman stays active, but this is not the thread for that crazy of a discussion.

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    I would take Hawkman, and then expect that Thanagarian will wheel, so now I could take another die for that character.

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    Hawkman, it pushes damage, puts you into two relevant archetypes, and likely wheels a second die for that character. Dave and I are on the same page here. Black Manta would be my second choice, I think.

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    Hawkman is way too good not to pass up, he pushes damage, and 3S is not bad at all, you can bring the basic action that does the same thing as Rez Global but with Mask, and it will curve very well. He's great at development, great when you're winning, okay when you're losing (he's a duder). Robin isn't bad but we only have one batman we can actually draft in this set, not as likely to get that (it's a common but still)

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    If there are batman dice on the table, Robin. A cheap buy with free pump? Sign me up. If not, Deadman. That type of control is always handy.

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    Robin's good with Batman, but there's only one draftable Batman and it doesn't wow me.

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    After seeing what he can do, I'm in love with Deadman.

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    I picked Hawkman based only on card text, cheap bolts and low TFC cost. I usually take all die faces into account so that would change my decision. Also, a new rare/super rare is my first pick but Hawkman text all the way!

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    It depends greatly on the event. Just a weekly OP tourney where you keep your cards? Catwoman all day. Trying to win? Hawkman. I like Deadman, but in my draft experience, your curve is critical. I'd pass and hope he came back around.

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    Yeah, Hawkman just gets you the most in all quadrants from this pack. He's not AMAZING in all four but he gets the job done. Fits you in two archetypes, most likely a character that WILL be purchased in either.

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