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Thread: Tracking out of play/in transit

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    Tracking out of play/in transit

    Lots of play mats I see have the out of play area down where the "dice bag" area is on the starter playmats. This doesn't jibe in my mind. I like to keep my dice that are actually in used closer to me because I know that those are within reach to go to the bag if/when needed or to be manipulated by something like PXG. I like to keep my dice in transit at the tip-top of my used pile, recognizing that they're just a small bit separated from me.

    But this is just me. How do you do it?

    What would your ideal playmat look like given the need for the transit zone? I liked Dave's use of the Red Lantern logo (can't go wrong with DC). I've always been a Green Lantern guy myself, another logo that would fit well. Booster Gold, unfortunately, doesn't seem to work for a playmat, so that's unfortunate for me.

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    I also have my transit area above the Used pile.

    I know that probably nobody does it, but unblocked attackers are supposed to go out of play before KO affects are resolved. As far as I can tell, this would only affect cards like uncommon Sangan. If he is knocked out in combat, you couldn't move any unblocked attackers from used to the prep area since they would be out of play.

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    I put in-transit below the used pile. I also have the "dice bag" slot. It never gets used.

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    I know there are some decent printable images people have used to make their own play mats. Here are a couple I just stumbled across on BGG that have Transit zones built in:

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    I just put my in transit at the bottom of my used pile, then move it up at the end of the turn. That's easier for some of the newer players in my area.

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    I used the "Alt Lego Marvel" image from here, printed on a cow-cow mouse-pad that I got from a link in one of your old posts (here). Transit zone above, like the KO zone is above the Prep area.

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