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Thread: TRP Hangout

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    TRP Hangout

    I'm free this evening and am looking to do some Hangout games, or just chill and talk about DM. If you're interested in joining me feel free to send a gmail chat to my gmail address, Shadowmeldk at.

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    I can't really do voice chat, but I'm up for some text if others are. RJRETROverse at gmail dot com.

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    I would but we be recordin' this evening. Perhaps after if it's not too late.

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    I might be getting on hangouts for a game or two this evening. Around 9:30 eastern

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    I wouldn't mind getting in on this action. You guys playing?

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    Kids didn't cooperate tonight. And the wife wants date night. So we are sitting down to watch a movie. Going to try another night this week. Wednesdays usually work well. Sorry it didn't work tonight guys.

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    no worries, I understand wife aggro. Gotta look into getting the cards I need for this deck anyway. Later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Randy View Post
    Kids didn't cooperate tonight.
    (Ran out of M&Ms.)

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    Hahaha, awesome.

    I'm going to help Shadow with his action deck tonight. Anyone else plan to be online?

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    Super pumped, most of my eBay stuff came today. Anyone want to chat DM for a bit?

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    RJ and I are starting up our match if anyone is interested in watching or just hanging out... in our hang out.

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    OK, sorry Eric, Randy had to hustle through our match to pick up his GF. To walk you through Google hangouts, let's first talk about google chat. In your gmail there is the gchat on the left hand side. I sent you a request to chat, see if you can accept it and then send me a message some time. After that, we can start a hangout using the video camera icon in the chat window. It's really as easy as that.

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    I added you as well. RJRETROverse at gmail dot com. Hopefully you can join us one of these evenings!

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    I messaged you back. Hopefully we can figure it out before next game.

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    Speaking of, I am free tonight after 8 eastern, if anyone is up for a match. Otherwise I will be DLing vassal to learn that system.

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    My plan is to do both as well. I WILL have to leave at 9:45 eastern to get the girlfriend from work.

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