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    AvX Contest Information

    Hey I know you said the contest wasn't canceled I just couldn't find the information on the actual contest, the only link I found went to a 404 page not found. When are you going to announce the winner?

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    I don't have the contest info, but I will pass this along to Dave and Evan asap. Thanks.

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    The due date was the 17th. HOWEVER - - if you missed this because of the changeover, we'll give you until THIS FRIDAY, the 24th! Huzzah!

    Text is below:


    We've got four tiers of prize for this one:

    Our four lovely runners-up will have their choice* of a copy of Teleport or Teamwork.

    One Grand Runner Up will receive one of Rally!, Teamwork, Teleport, Collateral Damage, and Takedown.

    Two Second Prize Winners will each receive one of each OP Basic Action, as well as a copy of Thor: The Mighty from Month One.

    Our Grand Prize Winner will also receive one of each OP Basic Action, as well as a copy of Spider-Man: The Amazing from Month Two.

    What do you need to have a shot at the prizes? Simple! Tell us a story. Specifically, tell us a story about why YOUR FAVORITE CHARACTER(S) are missing from Dice Masters! The story can be in character - perhaps someone sat on Lich's phylactery, or Jubilee is hiding from the sunlight - or just your take on why they haven't quite made it in yet. That said - they don't need to be from a released set, or even a planned set - we're just as keen on hearing you talk about why Mario is missing as we are hearing why Sue Storm or Flumph are.

    As always, send your response, as well as which of Teamwork or Teleport you'd like should you be selected as a runner-up, to with the subject 'AvX OP Finale Contest'. We'll be accepting entries until 9 AM EDT, April 17, 2015, so make sure to get yours in by then. After that, we'll randomly pick the prize winners from our pool of entrants, and read their entries on an upcoming podcast - fun for everyone!

    Good luck to everyone, and we anticipate getting, and reading your entries soon!

    *We unfortunately don't have four of each, so there may be some collisions, but we'll do our best to honor the wishes of all of our winners!

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