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Thread: Article: U.S. Nationals Wrap-Up: Things To Remember

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    That's one thing I've learned after going on so many road trips. Bring food, and if you must buy something, hit up a grocery store and buy ingredients to buy some wraps and such. (Assuming you've got some refrigeration options!)

    I feel bad for that guy who wants to improve his team, but people won't let him. At least be open to playing other sets. It's not as if the Yu-Gi-Oh game isn't Dice Masters. It's all part of the same game. Just makes me sad.

    On a more positive note, I'm pretty sure everyone would be open to the idea of a Calvin & Hobbes set like the one Dave is working on. I told my girlfriend about it, and she was pumped.

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    I appreciate these thoughts... My first competitive gaming experience is set to be this year's Canadian Nationals. I'll take any advice that those with any experience are willing to offer.

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    if you can't have fun then what's the point? we have a few younger kids that come to some of the events here at our flgs and everyone is really helpful and patient with them (except when one nearly spills his soda on my stuff, kept it together...barely :P)

    as far as YGO goes, i haven't personally picked up any, but only because i have no interest in it. i've thought about grabbing the starter, but the theme is not something that i've ever touched. never played the card game, watched the show, nothing. that being said, if someone wants to use it then go right ahead!

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    I have not been able to attend any OP events as of yet, nothing happens in my area. I'm hoping Dave is finally able to bring enough people together next month to hold our own OP and grow the game locally.

    But those are great recommendations for everyone. I'm diabetic so everywhere I go I have a messenger bag with meds, snacks, a book, and whatever else I may need. When I'm going somewhere to play DM I have a duffle bag with me, no kidding ask Dave about it.

    As for YGO, I also had no interest in the set, never watched or played anything in the series. After meeting up with Dave a few weeks ago he told me his thoughts and showed me some awesome cards. I bought the starter set, and my local Target carries certain DM stuff so I've been buying boosters when I stop by. Most recently I bought 5 boosters and after a total of 10 boosters altogether, I finally got something that wasn't common. I got an uncommon and pulled the SR Slifer. I will buy more boosters but nowhere near the quantity of the other sets. My fingers are tired so I'm done now.

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    @unknown869 - glad you're here, man!

    Yeah I'm not sorry I bought YGO - some awesome abilities there - but I get why it turns some people off. I guess those are times where you ought to just buy some singles of the power stuff you might desire and just go with basics otherwise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zxqueb View Post
    Out of curiosity, did they check Yu-Gi-Oh dice serial numbers at nationals and make sure they matched the card?

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