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Thread: The *NEW* Action Deck

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    The *NEW* Action Deck

    Just finished a test with RJ and won 2-0 against his high aggro, Black panther, Lily, Antman, Mr. Freize team. We had one close game when he got off to an early start, but my lock down control was able to harass and slow his ramp enough that even blitzing me down wasn't working.

    Here's the Team:

    Constantine - Hellblazer(4) 2
    Magic Helmet - Greater Gear(2) 2
    Elf Wizard - Greater OotG(4) 3
    Ring of Magnetism - Action Atraction(3) 3
    Deadman - Possessive Talens(2) 5
    Jinzo - Trap Destroyer(2) 6
    Red Dragon - Epic Dragon(2) 7
    PXG 5+

    Basic Action Cards:
    Mystic Box

    This deck uses a combination of strateges to shut down your opponent's options in game. Jinzo and EW+MH+RoM stops most global and action die focused teams. Deadman and Constantine shut down most aggro teams, and Red Dragon global alongside PXG and EW allows me to ramp faster than my opponent by buying multiple action dice and do direct damage to soften them up. The Mystic box global and distraction global allow me to nullify whole attacks by my opponent with multiple energy types and Constantine and Ring of Magnetism help me maintain a large presence of those energy types.

    Initial Strategy:
    On your opening role you are looking to buy either Constantine(, PXG ) or Ring of Magnetism(No , and 2 s). The ring lets you ramp well with PXG, and still get damage with purchasing it. Constantine will let you lock out any blitz attackers, or any when fielded characters your opponent purchases.
    From here, you need to analyze the route your opponent is planning to take to bypass your defenses. If he is sporting a significant amount of removal, spam those low level Constantines, and get an Elf Wizard and helmet on the board ASAP. If he's looking to direct damage ping you to death, get a Jinzo and the same elf wizard combo up and running. Most combinations on this team significantly disrupt your opponent while you build up your field and chip away with Red Dragon global.

    Subtleties of this build:
    Why the Elf Wizard? Elf wizard helps you get cheaper and cheaper action dice, which is honestly, more often than not unnecessary. What really makes her shine is her, when attacks ability. When she attacks, you prep and action die in your used (such as one you just purchased) and then if she dies, you will be prepping her and any dice attached to her. If they chose not to block your 0/0/2 elf wizard with a magic helmet and Ring of Magnetism, you can always throw them a curve ball and Mystic box global her 0 A with any attack value of the characters Constantine and Deadman are allowing your opponent to field, but cannot attack with. Surprise, my elf wizard is actually your Green Goliath! Get a rotation of Elf wizards going and their Rings of magnetism will be following them to your prep area each round while your helmets eagerly awit their return to the field.

    Mystic Box isn't just there for it's global either. Buy that guy up and you can swap out that dude that got fielded last turn and shut down by Constantine for (most probably) a sidekick from your opponents bag. If your opponent tries to buy up Mystic Box to use against you, you have enough action dice floating through your bag that there is a significant chance he will miss the action all together, but if not, your mask energy from Rings of Magnetism and sidekicks should be keeping you very happy in the land of low sidekick count in bag.

    There is more and more to this deck, and I'm excited about a lot of it, but I'd also be interested if anyone has any recommendations or tweaks I should consider.

    Feel free to try her out, I had a blast playing it. Be warned though, your opponent may hate you for playing Deadman and naming his star attacker, then shielding Deadman from removal by getting a rotating wall of Elves with bling up. Meanwhile you shut down his Kwannon with Constantine and he can only watch as Jinzo threatens his ramp and removal options. It's mean, it's manipulative, and most of all, it's control.

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    Hey, I didn't hate you!

    This deck is super strong, and I'm curious to see if I can find a way to shut it down. I hope to watch and see how it does against other decks.

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    This seems really interesting and I'd love to go against it. Messing with stuff like this is where the great ideas come from! Does it work OK without spot removal like Millenium Puzzle?

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    Mystic box is spot removal, and Constantine is stall to bring that online.

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    Ok, this is gonna sound weird, but I'm thinking about trying this deck without bringing PXG. Instead I'm dropping in Minion Beholder. The Beholder global ramps my action dice for 1 generic (albeit at the cost of a turn) and gives me a late game win condition with 1 damage pings every time I buy or use an action die. This deck can still ramp with PXG if my opponent brings it, and if they don't then I have a greater ramp and churn advantage. If thye bring swarm, my 3 cost adventurer is sitting high. If they bring Beast wall, I'm not planning on attacking much, and if he's forcing me to attack my Ring of magnetism is limiting my exposure.

    It might be a risk, but I think this deck can handle the ramp against aggro, even without PXG.

    Still want to play both versions to see which runs more smoothly, but I'm liking the change.

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    And apparently I should not deck build in the morning. For some reason I was thinking the beholder global prepped USED action dice.

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    I was looking at a non-PXG deck as well, so if I get it built tonight, I can try and take it on.

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    So, RJ talked me into trying Kobolds over PXG for this deck. Uncommon Kobold. Since I'm using Magic Helmets and Rings of Magnetism, I can deck out the kobold so he's immune to removal, while still protecting my team from it. He is also triggering swarm and allowing his brothers to generate me some sweet fist energy to fund my larger character purchases.

    This change is still in testing but here's a deck link for you guys to peruse.;3x25avx

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    My logic: this helps eliminate how bad rolling can screw up his team. After watching his game yesterday against a dragon deck, and rolling fists really stybted the build. Still won, but it could have been reeeeally bad.

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