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Thread: I Don't Need No PXG

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    I Don't Need No PXG

    With all of the complaints I have had about me using PXG in every team I decided I would give something else a try to see how they would feel with absolutely no PXG available.

    Resurrection 4
    Power Bolt 3

    Kobold Greater Humanoid 1F (4)
    Beast Mutate 666 2M (3)
    Nick Fury Mr Anger 2S (2)
    Gambit Ace in the Hole 3M (2)
    Human Torch Johnny Storm 4B (2)
    Captain America Follow Me 4A (3)
    Hawkeye Longbow 4B (3)
    Thousand Dragon Inferno Flame Breath 6B (1)

    I'm still on the fence about Hawkeye Longbow, I want an assassin that is a fist, but right now our options are limited. The idea for the deck is with almost no fielding costs having to be paid, you can start to buy power bolts to supplement Johnny Storm ping damage. Beast and Kobold bring the extra ramp that I need to start buying things faster. Thousand Dragon is only allowed one dice but the fielding costs,attack and defense value, and ability are amazing. I never regret paying 1 to field a 7/6.

    Also question, thousand dragon says "when summoned, put two dice from your bag to your prep area". It doesn't say draw, it says put, so can you use it to refill your bag and move dice over from used to prep from a refill?
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    Update on this deck, I've switched over to a different build, it has been curving very well, and since I got a Tsarina I have added her as well. Here's my new build

    Power Bolt 3
    Rally! 3

    Kobold Greater Humanoid 2F (3)
    Black Widow Tsarina 2F (4)
    Beast Mutate 666 2M (4)
    Nick Fury Mr Anger 2S (2)
    Green Goblin Goblin Lord 3B (2)
    Human Torch Johnny Storm 4B (2)
    Captain America Natural Leader 4S (2)
    Kitty Pryde Shadowcat 4M (1)

    As of right now I don't have the 1 cost swarm Kobold but the 2 cost is working just fine. With no globals my first buys can be Kobold, Beast. Kobold, Beast. I took out thousand dragon because my curve changed with Tsarina in the mix, and Kitty Pryde can whittle my opponent with unused masks, and with this being a more aggressive deck it may even turn into "cannot attack". With the absence of PXG, Rally! has done an amazing job in two aspects, 1. It keeps sidekicks out of my bag, and 2. It helps out with the sidekick lords to push more damage if I need to.

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    I feel like a team that wants to survive without PXG should try and disrupt a potential opponents' PXG use in order to get ahead. Swarm and PXG works well together, so if your opponent brings it then that helps you; I wonder if the Beast would be too much in that case, though I suppose you don't need to buy it if that's the case. I don't see a lot of survivability in this if your opponent gets to a Hulk or something.

    OR, do like I think two people did at Nationals and just build the time and assume that your opponent has it.

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