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Thread: Is AvX Semi-Out of Print now?

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    The way I understand it, the rares/super rares in AvX are actually harder to pull than they were in later sets. They were also harder to get at the time. I don't think they are necessarily "out-of-print".

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    There have been a few reprints and it seems like supply of the latest reprint is quickly being gobbled up. (That reprint started hitting stores about Feb 20, IIRC). A quick perusal of the usual online stores shows most being sold out, but a couple of stores still have them. The cheapest I could find is $48, but I didn't look long. There may be better deals, but that's a very solid discount.

    You've got me wondering if I should grab some before they're all gone for future prizes. They can't reprint it over and over forever.

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    My flgs, Grapple Games, can't seem to get rid of the couple of cases that they have left now that pretty much all the players in the area have bought enough of every set or have almost complete collections. The open feeds only seem to be pulled from right now for prizes during our Thursday tournaments. And they don't jack up the prices here, so a feed of AvX will still only run you $58 after taxes.

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    I think the singles are set for a while. The gravity feeds might go up, not because a game store wants to make a bunch of profit from its customers, but because they might have to get the gravity feed from another store/retailer. The originating location might sell the feed above cost to a second store to at least make some of its profit that it could be loosing while the new store location will mark it up higher just so it can make a profit. It is someones income after all.

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