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Thread: Regenerate and Ring of Magnetism

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    Regenerate and Ring of Magnetism

    So, I just realized a combo that I can pull off if my opponent brings a regenerating character, like Troll.

    Opponent fields Troll, Constantine prevents him from attacking on his first turn. I field Deadman and Ring of Magnetism choosing Troll as the target for both effects.

    Now, Troll can't attack or block, all my opponent's action dice and abilities must target Troll, and Troll regenerates if killed keeping the Ring of Magnetism.

    Not the most common solution, but man is that lock down.

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    I believe Ring of Magnetism would go to your used pile when the Troll is first knocked out. Regenerate would bring the Troll back into the field, but without the ring.

    When a character is knocked out, move it to that player’s prep area.
    Regenerate: If this character is knocked out, roll it. If you roll a character face, return it to the field (but not the attack zone). Otherwise, move the die to your prep area.

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    According to the ruling about continuous and equipment dice, the follow their target when they are knocked out. They do not go to the used unless their attached die goes there.

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    Yu-Gi-Oh! Dice Masters Errata and Clarification
    New Keyword:
    Continuous: Actions with Continuous move from the Reserve Pool to the Field Zone when played and can stay there at the end of the turn. Sometimes they’ll send themselves to the Used Pile for an effect whenever you could use a Global Ability.

    Meta Rule:
    When character dice are captured, dice that are attached to them (such as Ring of Magnetism) go with them. Such attached dice are also considered to not be in play for game purposes, and they return to the Field Zone with the die they were originally attached to. The same is true for dice that have the gear keyword in the upcoming D&D expansion. When characters that continuous dice are attached to are KO’d, or sent to the Used Pile, the continuous die follows.
    I missed the last line in that errata. It seems to be different than equipment/gear because those stay in the field and don't follow.

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    Thinking about Continuous dice, what happens if you attach your Ring of Magnetism to your opponents character who is then knocked out (no regeneration). Where does the Ring of Magnetism die go? Does it go to your opponents Prep Area or to the owner's Prep Area?

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    Correct, I wonder my reply oddly. Continuous follow and equipment stays. Either way, they are easy to reattatch to a target, and more specifically the troll would stay attached because the die "follows" and the troll doesn't actually go to the prep until after the regen check.

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