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Thread: Avengers Age of Ultron

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    Avengers Age of Ultron

    WizKids updated their Facebook profile to:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I don't see any new info on their side yet but looks like it will be coming soon. I do think there are a few new dice shown in the picture though. I'll try to zoom in and look through them later unless someone beats me to it.

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    Check out this link

    It is a slightly different picutre, but a lot of folks have already weighed in on character guesses

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    I like the idea of going back to older characters and giving them new energy types. Both Steve and Tony left the S grouping and went F and B respectively. Ironman gets +2A when he attacks if you spend a B and +3 A on a burst side. Cap has a when fielded ability that I cant make out, but I think he has a burst side that appears to be life gain. The Ultron is a different one from the earlier preview. This one has a global.

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    Yeah, I think it gives them the ability to explore new aspects of characters, and that's cool. Comics have so many crazy twisted histories and alternate universes (Batman had a Green Lantern Power Ring in one) and it's cool to touch all of that.

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    It also gives them an opportunity to make older characters relevant. Aka, Thing.

    Looking forward to seeing a super rare list.

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    I still doubt we will see any Fantastic Four or X-Men until Marvel gets all their rights back.

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