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Thread: Thousand Dragon - Inferno Flame Breath

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    Thousand Dragon - Inferno Flame Breath

    I need some clarification on this, it says put two dice from your bag into your prep area, with that wording do they mean draw two dice to put into prep? I'm only wondering for the sake of refilling the dice bag.

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    You would draw two. Unless you couldn't, then you would refill bag.

    That's how I read it.

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    Yeah, dice go from bag to the prep area. If your bag is empty, refill it just as you normally would.

    I like this card a lot and it's a purchase that's in reach. If I'm playing around with it in my head, I would say that if you try to Prismatic Spray away the PXG from your opponent and then get this utilized at the same time, you maintain enough churn on your own while stymieing your opponent. Might not actually be practical, but I'm using my imagination here. Mental Magic was never my strong suit; not feeling better about Mental Dice Masters!

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    That's what I thought just thought I would clarify, one of my friends told me it meant I get to search my bag for two dice, at uncommon that would be so broken, even with max dice 1.

    Yeah in my meta it's easy to knock out PXG, I'm the only one who consistently plays it so if I don't bring it it's not there! I'm incorporating this with swarm and mutate 666 to try to make a one sided advantage of ramp. I played with a prototype deck and it worked great, my opponent was playing dragons with no half dragon, assuming I would bring PXG, and with only rolling 4 dice per turn it was hard to get breath weapon 3 to go off, by that time he was able to buy them I had out She-Hulk Common, human Torch, Kobold(for swarm), Thousand Dragon, two beasts, and a wall of sidekicks.

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