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Thread: Character of the Week 4/22 - 4/28 - Mind Flayer

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    Character of the Week 4/22 - 4/28 - Mind Flayer

    Every week we'll have a character discussion, looking at all iterations of their cards released to that point and discuss high and low points. Then we'll give two options for next week's - vote for that one in your post as well.

    Mind Flayer

    TFC 6 - Stats go 1/5, 2/6, 3/7.

    Potential jumping off points for discussion:

    1) Does the common do anything worthwhile?

    2) Will we see the uncommon in controlling builds?

    3) Does Polymorph make the UC less relevant?

    4) Does the Super Rare have a place outside of the set, given its similarities to Loki and Joker?


    1) Owlbear
    2) Wolverine

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    I think the super rare could have its moments but I'm guessing if you use it competitively to capture a polymorhed guy, they would just use Polymorph to switch your guy with a used pile character and then get their character back in the process so I think the super rare isn't good right now. With Polymorph around the Uncommon is worse than I first thought, but at 6 mana it's pretty expensive. I think if they came out with another cheap form of making characters cost more to field this could be a real team. You have this, cerebro supercomputer, and captain america sentinel of liberty for sidekicks. You could almost make a team like this...

    Resurrection 4
    Distraction 4

    Constantine Hellblazer 2S (4)
    Black Widow Tsarina 2F (4)
    Green Goblin - Gobby 3B (4)
    Cerebro Supercomputer 3M (2)
    Jinzo Trap Destroyer 6S (2)
    Mind Flayer Greater Humanoid 6M (2)
    Professor X Recruiting Young Mutants 6M (1)
    Blue-Eyes White Dragon Monstrous Dragon 7B (1)

    If you get out Jinzo fast enough combined with Mind Flayer, Constantine, and Cerebro, they will have a super neutered team.

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    I think Dead man trumps the UC Mind Flayer. I don't mind the common/super rare, but it does have a polymorph weakness. Depends on how prevalent polymorph actually is.

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    I think the Rare could be fun to work into a team. Taking an opponents die and using it against them is always fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jigsawhc View Post
    I think the Rare could be fun to work into a team. Taking an opponents die and using it against them is always fun.
    You just capture it, you don't control it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave View Post
    You just capture it, you don't control it.
    Good point. I should have read more closely.

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    Gotta Go Wolvie...but which Wolvie is the question...AVX, UXM, OP...or all of the above? I wonder if we are going to get one in AOU...there is a die symbol that kinda looks like him, but it could easily be Beast as well, or something else entirely.

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    This guy was able to capture two FIELDED red dragons when my friend drafted the SR. The game was really close and his capture effect was able to cut the feet out from under his opponent's closer. However, outside of the draft format, I don't think any of these guys is all that exceptional. I would possibly still put the SR in a deck that ran Ant-man's global, because capturing a single die is sometimes better than preventing your opponent from fielding a die. Non-fielded dice, can still be rolled on their energy face, where captured dice hurt your opponent's economy as well as aggression.

    PS +1 Wolverine

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    I actually really like the UC because, unlike ... ah, shoot, that one card that makes fielding a minimum of two... it ADDS two to each face. Take a TFC6 die to TFC 12!!! Insane. Of course Polymorph is a way around it, but it makes everything else very expensive. If your 001 field suddenly is 223, you're in trouble.

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