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Thread: Would you be interested in a Dice Masters interview show?

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    Would you be interested in a Dice Masters interview show?

    I've been thinking of how I can contribute more to the DM community, and with my radio background, I was thinking maybe I could do an interview segment with people who are playing the game (Nationals, Worlds, Canadian Championship, stuff like that), maybe some people who are involved with the process of working on the game, maybe some WK folk, and even regular users who I think might be interesting to talk to. I'd then be able to post the audio online (maybe as part of TRP's blog section) and it'd give people something else to listen to.

    Would that be something you'd be interested in?

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    Oh, I don't think it would be an official/affiliated thing unless someone wanted it to be. Just a personal project that hopefully people of the forum would enjoy.

    I know from personal experience that sometimes when you generate a ton of content like these guys and others blogs are doing, you don't always get to enjoy it. Hopefully the people who work on the sites and the people who visit them would have a good time listening to the show.

    All I'm gauging is how much interest there would be in a show like this.

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    +1, can't think of a reason not to...

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    Cool. Well, if there is interest, I'll continue looking into it.

    If there are any people you'd like to see be interviewed, post the ideas here. I already hope to ask some of the TRP guys and see if they'd be into doing something, plus some folks at WK. Anything else, let me know!

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