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Thread: are heroic decks viable?

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    are heroic decks viable?

    Managed to pull a SR Spiderman from a booster which i was v happy with as hes been my favourite supe since i was a kid. I am wondering if he is capable of building a deck around and if so what would work well with him. I have access to some heroic cards, mostly from the common and uncommon pools but wouldnt be against buying a few singles.
    should i be looking at 5-6 heroes or is that overdoing it?

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    Sigh... unforthnately, no. I think you could make a FUN Heroic team, but nothing too competitive. The best I was able to do was take a bunch of the Heroic Avengers, Nick Fury Mr. Anger, PXG and the Heroic Storm. So if I had Fury in play, my Heroic Cap, She-Hulk, and Red Hulk (who are all 6 cost characters with hefty fuelding costs) could field for free. And Storm is there for a quick, cheap, Heroic trigger. But Spidey... I don't see him being that useful.

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    The problem with heroic, and really I like the idea, but it is a problem, is that Heroic is basically a "when fielded, AND you have a heroic character" which is even less reliable than when fielded OR you have a heroic character. It is a pretty terribly worded ability in a game that ALREADY has a good dose of unpredictability. Bonding, or other similar abilities that we have seen in other games have been mediocre, and those games don't use dice with random chances to just fail on you.

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    Yeah, my vote would go to "no".

    But who cares? If you have fun playing a Heroic team, that's all that matters. Beat the odds, and have a blast!

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    You would need to use the cheaper heroics to trigger your pricier ones. I think there is untapped potential but I don't know if it can truly compete. Would be fun though!

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    Basically no one has made it work yet, I got the same Spider-Man SR, trying to find a good set up for heroic. I would say keep it under 4 heroic characters, the rest should probably be controlling/speeding up your draws. I'll try to get a list together as well

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