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Thread: Article: Kickstarter Storage Solutions (Updated!)

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    You can get these from the Dollar Tree:

    They hold your team, all 4 colors of basic action dice and your sidekicks.

    I take that and toss it in my dice bag along with my team cards and it is perfect.

    I'll probably back this kickstater anyway because it is always good to have more options.

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    Interesting. A little more elegant than the plano box I was planning on using if I ever play outside my house. Seems like a lot of wasted space if you just wanted it to store just your dice. I have my cards in binders. They should have made different compatible trays strictly for dice that you could mix and match in.
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    while i applaud their attempt to innovate, it does seem a bit unnecessary. however, if i wanted to throw a team in a case and go to a convention this looks pretty compact and pocket friendly. i doubt i'd buy one but it is a good thought.

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    I like it. I'm a fan of the Collector's Box specifically because of the way the dice are stored in rows; this looks like a much more portable solution.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    This is the box I referenced earlier with the dice in them.

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    Nice option, Martin. They're at Dollar Tree, so I assume they cost just $1?

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    You got it Ken. I can't think of a better way to spend a buck. Also, the bottoms of the slots are curved so it is easy to get the dice out as well.

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    Be aware, they are (currently) only shipping to the US. I know there are a lot of people hoping for International shipping options, if you'd like some put some pressure on the KS people.

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