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Thread: Mouse Pad Playmat for $1 shipped

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    Mouse Pad Playmat for $1 shipped

    My Coupon Code: Z099MOUSEPADTUY79 - exp. 6/23/2015
    Original Coupon Code: Z099MOUSEPADHYA8Y - exp. Unknown

    Good for 1 free $0.99 mousepad, including shipping. Additional mousepads $3.99.

    There are many, many Artscow/CowCow mousepad designs for DiceMasters, primarily Marvel and some D&D. Lots of them linked on BoardGameGeek, here are a couple:


    Marvel - Lots in these threads:

    That last thread also has a link to (ArtsCow's "sister" site, same selection of materials and stuff created on one can be purchased on the other) with a code for 2 mousepads for $4 shipped, if you want more than one. MARVELDICE10 is the code, and AFAIK it is still valid.
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    Nice, ordered an extra. Hoping to get some friends playing so having a couple extra mats would help.

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    I need a DC one. Anyone made any of those yet?

    [edit] I see there's a dead link to a template on one of those threads. I'd love to make my own if I had the template provided for me! Takes the math out of it. >_<;;

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    So just FYI, I found out that the code in the original post is actually a referral link code. When I ordered, I got my own link code to share. I'm editing the first post to also include my code, if you wouldn't mind using it (and sharing it :P ).

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    Created album here, all images credit from their sources on BGG:

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    I wish that a large mousepad was large enough to be a surface for 8 cards + dice. They're not quite. Then I would have my nice small modular playmats.

    EDIT: WAIT! Two of them would be! Anyone with the skills of an artist think that they could work up something like that in PS/Gimp/Whathaveyou? I actually have a crazy idea but no means to pull it off.

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