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Thread: anti-villain deck. would like advice

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    anti-villain deck. would like advice

    So ive tried to put a deck together based around the fact there will be a lot of villains floating around soon. However im a bit crap at making viable decks in DM thus far and would like some advice.

    Mister Sinister:nasty boy
    Iron man:upright
    captain america:spec ops
    mjolnir:thors hammer (looking for a fist of righteous)
    Iceman:too cool for words
    hulk:green goliath

    firstly i know cap wont trigger nasty. PXG and beast arw for ramp/churn. cap is to take out anything huge. Hulk because hulk and mjolnir to trigger hulk. Iceman incase i cant get the bolts i need.

    Any advice on what to swap out or do you see any glaring problems ill have?

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    All you need is Magneto uncommon or rare from AvX, and plenty of masks. Easy anti-villain

    Edit: here are the cards.

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    I agree, no need to design the whole deck around anti villain. Design a deck, then make sure Magneto is in the deck.

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    Maybe make sure is on the team. She has cheap masks to fuel Magneto's global and can KO someone if your forced rerolls keep coming up character sides.

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    Keep asking questions like this. Might be obvious to some, but not everyone!

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