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Thread: Idea - Cohosting Monthly Fellowship Articles With Dice Anon

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    Idea - Cohosting Monthly Fellowship Articles With Dice Anon

    Also posted at Dice Anon:

    What if Dice Anon and The Reserve Pool worked together to solicit nominations for a nationwide/worldwide "fellowship" award each month, select a winner, and then post an article detailing what that person has done. (I have someone in mind if you need something to get the ball rolling.) Maybe even toss in a couple OP cards. The best way we can continue this great community is to celebrate the people who make an effort to maintain it. If we fixate on celebrating only the competitive aspect of the game, then that is what will grow the most, and it would only be a matter of time until we turned into Magic (culture-wise at least). I suggest Dice Anon and The Reserve Pool do this together as a sign of cooperation between the two top DM sites to exemplify he cooperation in our community. I know it's a little hokey <sp?>, but I actually think this might be useful. Anyways, just an idea, so take it for what it's worth. Keep up the great work.

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    It would also do wonders for bringing the two power houses of DM coverage together, and give us something else to post on the subreddit. More activity on the sub means more chance to hit a front page and draw in the players.

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    I actually don't mind the idea. I could see it benefiting both.

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    We've actually discussed doing some joint projects with DiceAnon. It's a bit tricky coordinating things among a larger group when we're all doing this in our spare time, but hold tight and I have a hunch we'll cook up something at some point.

    (Speaking for myself), I think the idea of routinely highlighting a member of the community is a fine one and something I'm sure it such a thing will emerge in some form, but maybe not exactly as outlined. I'm putting it on my (lengthy) to do list.

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    If I can facilitate this particular project by volunteering to organize and write it, please let me know. As an attorney, I basically write for a living. And I am very motivated to make this particular project happen. If you could respond in the thread with the email address I should email re more details, I'll get the ball rolling re my potentially helping with this. Thanks!

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    My vote for the first winner is Indy Mon. :3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Walsh View Post
    My vote for the first winner is Indy Mon. :3

    We're all for any kind of collaboration. Community is stronger when it happens.

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