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Thread: Predictions on Origins Promo Card from Age of Ultron

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    Predictions on Origins Promo Card from Age of Ultron

    At the WKOs there was Tsarina. At Gen Con there was Cable. At nationals there was Beast and Harley Quinn. So what are people predicting for the promo full art card at Origins for Worlds from Age of Ultron? I would love for them to do full art for all the top cards so you could bring a near-all full-art card team to an event, but I think their doing Gobby would be unlikely (assuming they will follow past pattern and do the new set).

    Anyway, I am calling something from the recent Marvel Cinematic Universe: Coulson, Rocket, Ultron, or Daredevil? Marvel/Disney is all about product synergy and I doubt they'd miss an opportunity to do it here. (Yeah, I have no real basis for this other than it's fun to think about).

    What does everyone else think?

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    It's probably going to be the same promos as Nationals. They aren't really far enough apart.

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    It has to be Ultron, right? (Assuming they do a new character.)

    If they do older characters, I'd guess Green Goblin and Black Widow. When there is a Dice Masters Hall of Fame, those will be the first two inductees.

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    You might totally be right, Nick. But they will at least have one new full art card on the cusp of circulation at that point (AoU Collectors Box) and I am guessing that they already had plans to design and contemporaneously publish a full art card for AoU whenever that set was going to end up being released. And by the time the next round of WKOs roll around, at least one more set will have been released, assuming they do WKOs at the same time of the year again. I am predicting AoU card(s) will be offered, but I could totally be wrong.

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