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Thread: The "Who's Going To Origins?" Thread

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    The "Who's Going To Origins?" Thread

    I see a lot of threads like these for other events so I thought I'd get one started here. If you are going to Origins and want to share, post the following info. The idea is to facilitate meet ups, carpools and to help people decide where to stay.

    Events participating in
    Where traveling from
    How getting to Columbus
    When arriving/departing Columbus
    Where staying
    Interested in carpooling to/from airport or elsewhere
    Anything else you would like to share

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    I'll start.

    Name: Chris
    From: Olympia, WA
    Signed up for: Both Worlds qualifiers, first rainbow draft on the 3rd, D&D attack wing Worlds qualifier at 6pm on the 5th (it's my "second" game) (also hoping to draft as much AoU as possible throughout if available)
    Travel: Flying. Arriving in Columbis 9 am ish on the 3rd. Leaving 7:30 pm ish on the 6th.
    Hotel: Don't know yet.
    Transportation: Would love to coordinate with others

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    Name: David Walsh
    From: Austin, TX
    Signed up for: Second Worlds qualifier
    Travel: Flying. Arriving in Columbus @3:28 PM on the 4th. Leaving 11:30AM on the 7th.
    Hotel: The Hilton I think
    Transportation: Good question...

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    Quote Originally Posted by NickPhamDA View Post
    San Diego, CA
    Rest is in flux :P.
    lol. I'm just happy to hear you're going. Someone who has been as influential on the meta as you have been deserves to be there.

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    Pittsburgh, PA
    Hoping for Friday/Sat, but no guarantees. The schedule threw us for a loop this year.

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    Dan Stegner
    Kansas City, Missouri
    Signed up for both world quals and various rainbow drafts depending on AoU/prizes.
    Hotel: The Hilton
    Transportation: walking distance from the con! Otherwise, cabs and hotel shuttle.

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    Probably not participating in anything. If I'm coming it's Saturday only to cover Worlds for TRP.
    Akron, OH
    I'd be driving down Saturday morning, leaving Saturday evening.
    Not staying anywhere since it's an hour and 45 min drive from my house.
    Really hoping if I go to buy a AoU srarter/gravity feed

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    Tony Weakland
    Playing in both qualifiers, maybe D&D, joining rainbows ad hoc.
    Staying at the Rennaisance downtown 6/4&6/5.

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    Central Wisconsin
    I'm only a maybe to go, so nothing is nailed down.

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    Vallee Hannebohn
    I live in Grand Rapids, Mi so my husband and I will be driving down (he is big into warhammer and they are having tournaments there as well). We are staying at a La Quinta hotel not too far away, as they have warm waffles for breakfast! Arriving 6/3 sometime late in the evening and leaving 6/7.
    I have signed up for both qualifiers and may do a draft depending on timing and level of exhaustion.

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    Columbus, OH
    2nd Worlds qualifier, rainbow draft on the 6th maybe others, D&D attack wing Worlds qualifier Friday night

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    2015 Canadian and 2016 US National Champion

    Akron, OH
    Blog Entries
    Pretty sure I have to go now... Likely Saturday only, driving down... Maybe with Randy?

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    Name: Shawn Ely
    From: San Leandro, CA
    Signed up for: Worlds qualifiers
    Travel: Flying
    Hotel: The Hilton I think,... Wherever the DA posse is.
    Party at White Castle!!!

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    Just booked hotel reservations. None of the close by places have room availability on the nights you would need it. My brother in law and I finagled something together. I'll shoot a couple of you FB messages about potentially splitting a room. Bottom line though: Try to book now if you haven't already.

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    Name: Clint
    From: Port Orchard, WA
    Signed up for: Both Worlds qualifiers, first rainbow draft on the 3rd
    Travel: Flying. Arriving in Columbis 9 am ish on the 3rd. Leaving 7:30 pm ish on the 6th.
    Hotel: Hyatt... more than likely...
    Transportation: Uber

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    Figured out, first qualifier is 6/4/15 10:00 am, second is 6/5/15 10:00 am, finals 6/6/15 10:00. Is there anyone going that could possibly use another to split on a hotel? If I split with some people I'm pretty sure I can go. I would be there 6/3-6/7 most likely.
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    I'll post updates on this about weekly between now and Origins, just because I find it interesting so I hope someone else out there does as well.
    Current registration:
    Qualifier One: 25
    Qualifier Two: 31

    Curious, is anyone planning on going who hasn't registered for a qualifier yet? Because, at this point, I feel like I literally know every person registered right now if not (and it's a VERY competitive/talented group, myself excluded!).

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Hello! My name is Kevin Steinbach and I live in Columbus! Of course, I'll be attending Origins (I have a press pass) every day and would like to meetup with fellw DM players! I'm planning on joining one of the Rainbow Drafts, since I'm new to the DM world. But like most every one else I can say that I'm madly addicted and would like to eventually work my way up and play competitively. Should anyone like to chat about what else there is to do in Columbus just let me know and I would like to help!

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    Friday Update
    Number of players registered for each qualifier. Change from last week in parens.
    Qualifier One: 30 (+5)
    Qualifier Two: 35 (+4)

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    I wonder just how high those numbers will get. I expect all you guys to keep us non-goers in mind when you're playing and having fun.

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    Still not sure. My answer is "probably".

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    Friday Update
    Number of players registered for each qualifier. Change from last week in parens.
    Qualifier One: 37 (+7)
    Qualifier Two: 40 (+5)

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