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Thread: Want to play Vassal or by video on Google Hangouts? Post here!

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    Want to play Vassal or by video on Google Hangouts? Post here!

    So my Rainbow Draft fell through today, and now I need a DM fix.

    RJ said he should be around, anyone else going to be around?

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    You just reminded me that I need to install Vassal.

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    I'm going to start playing on line once the hockey season is over.

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    Shadow, we'll have to play sometime. I know you've been around giving lots of help and just generally playing and I think that's awesome, one of the best parts of the community.

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    I will likely be free Monday Evening, or possibly even tomorrow evening. But the parents come into town Wednesday, so there's a flurry of cleaning and visiting to do for the week after that. Would love to play though.

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    Perfect! Have you tried out Vassal too? Great game. All it needs is DC in there and we're good to go.

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    I have a cam but it's built into my monitor so it'd be impractical to use for Dice Masters. I'd have to pick up my monitor any time I wanted to give an overhead shot of what I rolled. Late nights is really the only time I'd be available for playing for the most part.

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    I'm interested in trying out DM on Vassal. Anyone on weeknights around 9pm (eastern) that would want to play?

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    I would be willing to play more Vassal. Just need to build the teams. Weekends will generally be better, but early evening should work too.

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    Let's make this the topic for "Wanna play online?"

    That way we don't have multiple threads for the same thing.

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    Google Hangouts are for videos, while Vassal is for computer only. Either works. . This topic can be for both.

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    I'm going to have to start playing on here, I have literally no one in my area interested in being competitive. It's hard being the only one like that -_-'

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    Dang. Wish you caught me a half hour earlier. Gotta get some sleep now, but I should be around late tomorrow again. I'll have a look to see if you're also on.

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    I better start building some teams so I can start playing online again. Really glad more people are playing.

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