Trying to work on a deck for my slower meta, PXG has been unreasonably unbalanced because I'm used to it and they are not using it at all, so I thought I might make a deck without it to see how they do when it's not in the game.

Relentless 4
Power Bolt 3
Black Widow Tsarina 2F (4)
Psylocke Kwannon the Assassin 2M (3)
Angel Air Transport 3S (3)
Green Goblin Goblin Lord 3B (3)
Human Torch Johnny Storm 4B (2)
Green Dragon Minion Dragon 4F (2)
Storm Wind Rider 5M (2)
Cerebro Cybernetic Intellegence 5M (1)

I figure I can give them some time to setup but I can still have a fast-ish deck. Figured Air Transport plus Johnny Storm would be interesting enough.