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Thread: Set life spans?

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    Set life spans?

    I'm new to collectible games like Dicemasters. With DC coming out this week, and AOU very soon, that's 7 sets out. I can't imagine they'll print everything forever. What's the typical shelf life for these types of games? Will AVX and UXM go out of print anytime soon? I want to complete my sets, but before the prices of my missing cards skyrocket.

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    Hard to say, and I wish I could give an answer better than that sort of unhelpful garbage. Hah! No one but WizKids knows...

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    AvX seems to have cycled out of print already. Unsure if they plan to pick it up again. As for legality in competitive play
    Hah! No one but WizKids knows...

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    And that's the one nobody can answer. The game is too new, and no precedent has been set. The only thing that could be offered would be a complete guess.

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    Not sure if it matters, but you could look at the way Heroclix cycle as a guess as to how Dice Masters might. If that's the case rotation is 3 years.

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    You've got a fever? And the only prescription is... more Cowgirl?

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    Yeah, I realize no one knows how long they'll keep sets out. I was looking for how long similar collectible games out there (Magic) usually stay in print.

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    Yeah, I've wondered this myself. I'm also new to collectable games like this, and I've wondered how much effort should I really put into obtaining the Super Rares from AVX. I've only got Gobby, but I'd love to also have Widow or Wolvie...but if they are going to be out of print, and potentially illiegal to play at official events at somepoint down the road, maybe it isn't worth it to do so now.

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    That's the question. I wouldn't mind having them too, but they're so much money...!

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    Agreed. I think this game will have a decently long life cycle, it won't be until the pool of cards available reaches a critical mass.

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    Uncanny X-Men will be near expiration when WizKids gives us an alternative to PXG. If they don't, ramping will have to be done far more creatively.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RJRETRO View Post
    You've got a fever? And the only prescription is... more Cowgirl?
    Good man. (Except I forgot she goes by "Outlaw" but it still works... LOL.)

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