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Thread: trying to beat a fast deck without a tournament level cards.

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    trying to beat a fast deck without a tournament level cards.

    Ok since my last attempt at deck building I played a few games against a friend and was absolutely hammered by a fast deck (lots of cheap characters out and attacking fast). So i have tried to build a deck that would stand up against them.

    the general idea i'm going for is to try and field a hulk and have magic missiles to ping and sweep the board. Human torch and quicksilver for cheap bolts and Iceman to help generate extras incase i do not have a hulk fielded.
    Cube to throw in front of a sidekick army and Ironman as a nice way of staving off a bit of damage.

    Now the last time I posted a deck I was met with "put a kwannon the assassin in" which is great advice and if i had one i would put it in. This time I would like some advice on whether you think this would be viable against a rush deck.
    are there other versions of these cards that i should try and use instead? are my purchase costs looking a bit too high and i need to adjust my curve?

    Any tips for folks would be appreciated.

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    What's your plan when your opponent shuts down your Hulk?

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    Try Cerebro (uc?) you can make them slow down fielding and buying more little chumps, also good mask support for the PXG!

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    There are two things you can do against a "Fast" deck:

    1) Be faster.

    2) Extend the game and play in a more controlling role

    If you choose number one, then you need to be able to actually do it. If it's a race, you need to know that you win that race.

    If you choose number two, then again, you need to identify it. The biggest issues with a fast deck against another fast deck is that you need to be able to tell which of these you fall into or you lose. Another issue is when you know what you need to do but realize that you don't have the tools to do it.

    Do you have inevitability and more removal than the other? You're control. Do you have more damage? You're the aggro.

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    Keep in mind your opponent will ALSO have Iceman/Magic Missile globals too.

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    I'm not sure, to be honest. I'm just making sure you're looking at all the options.

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    and i appreciate the help RJ.

    it's hard to get tone across in text but i genuinely appreciate the help, i hadnt really thought about whether i was trying to go faster or be controlling like Dave suggested and you have given me something to think about when it comes to building around using my globals better than my opponent.

    as it stands i think i am pushing (and generally prefer) towards control rather than straight aggro.

    was thinking about including an AvX storm global but realise that it would allow my opponent to counter my missiles...will need to sleep on this one i think.

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    This is an old article, and sure, it's written from a Magic the gathering frame point, but it's an invaluable tool.

    As far as your deck goes, without knowing what your opponent is playing, it's hard to give exact advice, but your deck looks fine. With Pxg you should be able to buy a Hulk as early as turn 2, possibly fielding him turn 3-4. You might take some damage, but that's inevitable. The trick is to keep at least one lightening up at all times you have hulk out so that you can board wipe him on his turn before combat. You could also run distraction to remove an attacker from combat, if you're really worried about the early game, and if he's not running doomcalibur knight.

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    Yep, that's quintessential CCG strategy right there! If you want more of that for DM we did it back in February on the show and it will inevitably show up again.

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