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Thread: Vilian Beast build advice

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    Vilian Beast build advice

    I am trying to find a good build with the OP beast card. He is a 4 cost mask Villain and when he blocks, purchase a 2 cost die for free, *= 3 cost instead.

    So my first thought is beast, rare Pyro, with 2 cost Human Torch + Ghost Rider. Other favorite possibles are 2/3 cost Psylock and Storm.

    What do you think of my core team? Any others ways to use this Evil Beast? Could he fit in a villain team?

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    I think you'd want a way to spin him up/down at will. You'd want your two/threes to be pretty meaningful. Gobby, Widow... I know those aren't what people want to hear but they are effective 2s and 3s.

    The only 2-cost villain is the common Black Manta, could be a little more difficult as you'd almost want his uncommon. Cheetah fits though.

    I think there are ways to use this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave View Post
    I think you'd want a way to spin him up/down at will.
    Polymorph + Elf Wizard sound like nice support for that, and they still help my initial Rare Pyro bolts idea. I still haven't gotten any AVX Super Rare cards so I'm gonna have to budget build this one. I missed out on most of Yugio, any "2/3-cost bombs" in that set? I know about the 1 mask Jar but I prefer Kobold swarm.

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