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Thread: Wererat and swarm

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    Wererat and swarm

    If you have a wererat and an orc fielded and then draw an orc during the draw phase, do you get to draw two more? Once for the wererat and once for the orc?

    My guess is yes, but wanted to confirm.


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    I'm pretty sure you'd get one for the Orc, because you already had an orc. The Wererat is not an orc, so I don't think you'd get the second die.

    We'll see if I'm right.

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    The misunderstanding is that Wererat doesn't have Swarm. We're talking about this one I assume?

    You have this and an Orc in the field. You draw an Orc, triggering Swarm.

    Because you triggered Swarm, Wererat now allows you to draw an additional die on top of the one that you get for drawing the Orc.

    However, if you draw another Orc, it only triggers the normal number of times, because Wererat is limited to the first time each turn.

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    That is what I thought, just wanted some confirmation.

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