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Thread: My First Time With A Gravity Feed

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    My First Time With A Gravity Feed

    This may be a bit of a silly question, but I thought I'd consult the TRP community on this...

    I've preordered a DC Gravity Feed, and I am absolutely pumped to get it this week...knock on wood...

    I've never had a full feed myself does anyone have any tips for me when I dig into it? Is there a method of unboxing the whole thing that works better than others, or is just complete crazy booster pack mayhem the best approach? Should I do any prep before hand...ya know...crunches and squats to keep me limber..or something else to prep myself for the experience? Anyone else have a fun or interesting Gravity Feed related story to share?

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    I went three weeks thinking I had every common, all but one uncommon, and over half the rares. Turns out my girlfriend forgot to mark down the one uncommon we got.

    I try to go in without having too many hopes, otherwise I might get greedy/disappointed. Last time I really wanted "Nasty Boy", and he was one of the final ones we opened. I do expect to get all common, most uncommon and some rares in the DC set, and I am trying REALLY hard not to get too psyched about Constantine, but we'll see.

    I am going to also buy some cardstock so I can proxy some of the cards I don't get. I spend a LOT of money on the game, and I'd still be able to use certain ones in a home game even if they won't be "national legal". Depending on eBay cost though, I may still try and pick some up.

    ...Did that answer your question? Haha.

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    I sort them out by character on the table. That's it. No real science to it for me. I'm sure some have their preferred methods. Perhaps traditions? A shirt they wear because they pulled a Red Dragon or Tsarina?

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    DRAFT YOUR FEED, don't open it.

    Get 5 friends, and do a rainbow draft. Make it clear that they are your cards, and you're having a gravity feed unboxing event, but that you want to have fun with ALL of your cards. You'll be surprised what it teaches you about the set and what a difference people not having to draft for rarity does to the draft scene.

    or, you could kid in a candy shop it, but honestly, most bang for your buck is to draft the first 72 cards and use the other 18 cards to treat yourself if you can't get the draft going immediately.

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    Psht, let them spend some money. Kid in a candy store ALL DAY.

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    Yeah, that's why Lauren and I at least do sealed when we get a feed.

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    I sort the cards in stacks by card number by 10s. So all the 40s go in one pile, the 50s in another, etc. Then When I'm done I put them in numerical order. Then I sleeve them and put them in the binder. The dice I just sort by colors later on. I have set up boxes, so I keep 5 of each dice, and try and organize them by color (ROYGBIV).

    I just opened an AVX feed the other day (my second). I didn't pull a rare until pack number 40. Ended up with 10 rares in those last 20 packs. I got excited a couple times. I Open the packs, and dump the dice out. I saw 2 Green Goblin dice fall out. Sadly, no Gobby. I had a couple other double packs. I had a Deadpool which gave me his rare and uncommon, and a Professor X rare and uncommon.

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    I usually sort my cards by character, then I put proxies in a different colored sleeve so at a glance I know what's missing. I separate dice by character as I'm going, bag up whatever the highest max number is on a die, then throw the rest in the community dice bucket for when I'm giving stuff away.

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    Thanks folks for all the input. Much appreciated!

    Shadow...I love the draft idea. I would probably consider that if I had a few other trustworthy people who knew about DM in my area. Unfortunately there isn't really any community I've been able to plug into yet around here. I'm working on it though...playing in my first Rainbow next weekend. I may save 24 boosters from my feed in order to do a 2 person draft with my usual opponent...that would be fun.

    Firefly, I'll probably do something like what you do. I have my current sets arranged in binders in numerical order leaving spaces for any missing cards, so your method I think fits best with what I've been doing.

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    For the limited format you're describing, I recommend just opening 12 packs each and building teams out of them. Not drafting. It works, and like Dave said, he does that every feed.

    I held to my guns and got 4 people together, taught one how to play, had the 4 of us draft, and just played games. It is one of the best ways to teach people how to deck build because your team is only slightly constructed, and you can help them build their team after the cards have been drafted. PLUS, it helps grow the scene you are talking about because you're drafting out where people can see the game.

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    I did a 2 person sealed with my son when we got a D&D Gravity feed. It was a lot of fun!

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    I should also be getting my DC Justice League gravity feed in a week or so. I'd be interested in doing some online sealed games if anyone is interested.

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    I will also be getting my first gravity feed when DC releases. I plan on clearing off the coffee table and laying them out by character alphabetically. I'm pretty excited. My empty bead holder and trading card pages are just waiting to be filled.

    Good Luck!

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    This is my first Gravity Feed where I know what I'm looking for, so I am also excited. Should be a BLAST.

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    "I'll give you $20 if you just let me play a few games with SR Constantine......."

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    Quote Originally Posted by RJRETRO View Post
    "I'll give you $20 if you just let me play a few games with SR Constantine......."
    I was thikning of rolling around in the opened packs, but yeah, that works too. LOL.

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    I like you. You're good people.

    After reading a few posts and such, I'm contemplating looking at a second Gravity Feed. I'd really only be able to do this for one of the sets this year, and I'm not sure if it will be JL or AOU. I guess it all depends on my pulls. If I get Constantine, I'm good. If I get 2 or the 4 SRs... I'm probably good.

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    Just found out my store won't get their orders until AFTER the set gets released. Aka, the company is shipping it out the day it gets released, and it won't arrive until next week. Not what I understood when I ordered the sets.

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    Hmmm...Interesting. I was in a few different stores at the end of last week and both told me they were expecting to recieve them on Tuesday or Wednesday this week. I ordered mine online from a store that is kinda local to I assume I would get my feed at the end of this week earliest, assuming the store I ordered it from sends it out to me immidiately. I'm trying to condition myself to expect next week so that I don't get my hopes to high for this week...but it is up in the air at this point.

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