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Thread: Second Place Canadian Nationals Team

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    Second Place Canadian Nationals Team

    Hey guys, I'm new to the forums as I was referred today, but I played in the Canadian Nationals today and managed second place going 4-1 in swiss before going 2-1 in the top 8, losing to JT. Since I ran into some neat things today I figured it would be cool to post the list I ran online and try to explain what went right and what went wrong. Before I go into it, I do want to say one thing. I'm a fan of the podcast and listen to it often, and I believe Dave made a point about everyone at the event in the US being really cool and super friendly, with no one sharking each other. Coming from other games, such as yugioh, it's not easy to believe something like that, especially at a national-level event. However, I can definitely say that everyone at the event was really awesome and friendly, and I'm proud to be part of such a great community that's all about getting out there and having a good time.

    So here's what I ran:

    (For people who prefer visuals)


    Black Widow - Tsarina (4 dice)
    Psylocke - Kwannon the Assassin (4 dice)
    Wolverine - Formerly Weapon Ten (3 dice)
    Hulk - Green Goliath (3 dice)
    Doomcaliber Knight - Fiendish Fighter (2 dice)
    Jinzo - Trap Destroyer (2 dice)
    Professor X - Recruiting Young Mutants (1 die)
    Slifer the Sky Dragon - Lightning Blast (1 die)

    So this team went through multiple phases of production. Doomcaliber Knight was an idea I had floating around in my head for a while, but my local meta is small and he did not make a huge impact during testing, so he was cut until the last minute. Wolverine made it in after seeing how devastating it could be, but I was uneasy about having to play relentless alongside him so Jinzo found a home here to try and shut down my opponents polymorph/PXG abuse, and to discourage relentless. Slifer needed to exist because I needed a consistent way to trigger hulk and deal with chump-blockers. Black Widow and Professor X should be self explanatory, they tend to wreak havoc on their own. I wasn't originally going to include Psylocke but I realised I needed more cheap spot removal and I was able to pull one out of some random packs.

    Overall, I'm very satisfied with this team's performance throughout the day. Doomcaliber knight is an amazing buy, especially since cards like Storm: Wind Rider, Psylocke, distraction, polymorph and relentless are so popular. Doomcaliber knight is absolutely amazing due to his non-targettable nature and being easy to ramp into as a fist. He is not to be considered only for his global, if you can afford him, he can stall out and win a game for you.

    Wolverine is hands down one of the strongest meta contenders I`ve ever seen. My first round was over in 2 minutes after I attacked twice with him for the game, and I noticed many other people snatch victories with him. Relentless and Wolverine almost allow you to play a miniature spider bomb on every team. Watch out for him for sure.

    Jinzo is an incredible card. The amount of pressure he puts on people when you buy him early is immense, especially when they have already taken a shot to the face from wolverine and cannot afford to deal with him. Essentially, he simplifies the game state and makes your opponent play caveman dice masters. Instead of being able to rely on their globals to ramp, they have to go into beatdown mode and try to kill you or jinzo quickly before you can fully take advantage of him. I really do wish I would have ramped into him in more games.

    I would have loved to fit the rare Blue-eyes white dragon: Monstrous dragon into the team but space was definitely an issue. I really do love that card though and I`m going to do my best to find a home for him post-Justice League. The potential ramp scenarios using the Joker, Jinzo and Constantine are crazy.

    Some things I would also like to point out that I saw at the event. Rare Nova is the real deal. I saw many games ended quickly by his ability and high stats. Be sure to keep an eye out and adjust if you are about to face him. The uncommon Lord of D. made an appearance, and is actually very difficult to deal with. At a low cost, he is un-targettable like doomcaliber knight and provides and excellent, cheap wall. Iceman: Too cool for Words with rare Slifer, Blue-eyes White Dragon and Nova is a really neat and powerful combo. I saw iceman and slifer devastate a field full of flying sidekicks after the player pulled multiple sidekicks back from his field and fed them all to slifer to nuke the other guy`s field. Finally, if you are worried about Green Goliath, bring Jade Giant. While I believe Green Goliath is better overall, someone ramping into goliath will always get beaten by someone ramping into giant.

    I think that`s all that I really have to say about this for now, if anyone has any questions or feels like I missed something, feel free to ask. I want to give a big shoutout to everyone from today`s event, they were all really cool and tons of fun to talk with and I really hope to see everyone again sometime. One more congratulations to JT, he really is a fun guy and a great player who whooped me in the last round 2-0. Thanks,


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    Great report. Thanks for sharing. Will we be seeing you at Origins?

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    I wish but I probably won`t be able to make it out there, as much as I would love to go, I was barely able to get the time off work today. A far-away tourney like that would require multiple days off work, which I probably can`t manage to get.

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    Congrats on the second place finish, and thanks for the write up. How would you say Psylocke performed overall?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scum View Post
    Congrats on the second place finish, and thanks for the write up. How would you say Psylocke performed overall?
    This is something I think I forgot to mention. I think I used Psylocke`s ability once today, and it wasn`t even that critical. Honestly, she could easily be cut going forward for a character like Constantine: Hellblazer (when DC is released) or even Green Goblin: Gobby. The few times I did buy her, she was only used as mana for PXG or another high cost die, or she sat on the field to soak up an attack. Her art is a 9 out of 10 for looking really cool, but I definitely didn`t find her very useful.

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    Congrats on second place! You did Canada proud, sir!

    I only wish I could have been there. Sounds like it was a blast!

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    Nothing but respect here. This team has the chance to just be an absolute buzzsaw.

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