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Thread: Idea for a game variant - "Team Kit"

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    Idea for a game variant - "Team Kit"

    Ok this just came to me while staring at a lot of dice and thinking "wow i have a lot of green dice, i wodner if I could make a team from them"

    So the 1 and only rule for this variant is that all your dice must have the same base colour.

    I would suggest being pretty relaxed with what is considered the same colour and allow for example Red Hulk with Human Torches as they are both red when you think about it. And if you are struggling for dice you could throw UXM Angel and Emma Frost in the same pool.

    This fits nicely with the idea of sports kits, so im thinking people would need to also create an "Away Team" incase you play someone with the same colours.

    I just like the idea that a few less played characters might see the light of day and you would be highly unlikely to get any sort of mirror matches.

    Just a quick idea i had, what do you think?

    (btw i don't know if I have just ripped off a currently well known format that i am just ignorant of, so sorry if thats the case)

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    I have a good friend who, when we play, insists on building teams that have some sort of what he calls "comic logic"- an underlying theme or modification of a known super team. Sometimes his logic is a bit stretched to accommodate a certain card combo, but he usually does surprisingly well with this self-imposed limitation.
    I've seen Heroclix have similar competitive interactions in theme teams games as some of my games against him, when I also built to a theme or even sometimes in contrast to his build, those character's archenemies, etc.

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    We've done comic themed matches here (X-Men vs Villains and things like that) but going for all 1 color could be fun too.

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